Monday, October 25, 2010

History comes down

History of Crisfield

Last week I passed by a building that used to be a busy drug store in Crisfield. The sign was coming down. I slammed on my breaks for a quick photo-essay. Next door to the drug store was a McCrory's store and a furniture store that dates back to the heyday of the seafood industry - Crisfield once earned the title "Seafood Capitol or the World" - and we're keeping it! We still have the best crabs and oysters around. You can read more about the drug store in the October 27 edition of the Crisfield-County Times.

Crisfield is full of history. For tours call the Tawes Museum at 410.968.2501.

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Teacher's Pet said...

Beautiful series of shots....
Sad....but beautiful!