Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crisfield Pizza Shoppe

Crisfield Pizza Shoppe

I want to take a moment to thank Billie, owner of the Pizza Shoppe in Crisfield. She has great pizzas along with a variety of other dishes to please any palette. She also does catering all over the Eastern Shore. 

As everyone in Somerset County knows I never eat when I am taking photos. That was one of first lessons I learned when I became the sole assistant for a well-known Boston photojournalist back in 1985. It's all about ethics. I do drink a little un-sweetened tea at various indoor events. Outdoor events can be problematic, especially when it's hot and I am on the scene for several hours. Standing in line to buy water or a bite to eat can take a "bite" out of my valuable time. Billie takes care of me. I order a large tea and she lets me run back as many times as I like and fill up my cup. She also makes sure I have food in my stomach to keep me going, and she keeps me out of the lines. I do argue about paying and she sometimes relents, taking pennies on the dollar, because she knows I am pushed for time, so she cuts a me real deal. Thanks Billie!

Here is a photo I took of Billie last year delivering pizzas to one of the schools. Billie is always quick to give community discounts and sponsor events. Oh, and she runs the Big City Cab Company. Need a ride from the marina or airport? Give Billie a call.

And she has gift cards!

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