Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swearing in of Crisfield Mayor and City Council, July 12, 2010

Crisfield Mayor Swearing-in ceremony

This is not an endorsement for any candidate.

 I am still running behind, so Clam Bake has been put off a few more days. I try to stay away from a lot of politics on this blog, but with the political season kicking off, you may see  more posts, and since I shoot for the Chamber of Commerce, I will be all over the place.

 Please remember, I do not endorse candidates. With over 500 post in the past year, less than a dozen have been devoted to politics. If someone wants me to cover an event, I am happy to do so. It is part of covering the few things that happen in our community. To not include a few posts of what makes our little world tick would be like leaving the ingredients off a carton of ice cream. 

Highlighting some of the people and events that make our  machine go  'round, can sometimes be interesting, especially to prospective residents. We do have a few people who still retire to Crisfield, or make Crisfield their second homes, though sadly many are moving away due to lack of cultural programs and ongoing activities. Still, it's nice to know who is in charge before you move to a new city.

The first part of the post is brought to you in black and white. I love black and white; it is making a come-back. High-end magazines are beginning to use more black and white. Our American Express Departures magazine used black and white on their cover this month, and one major story did a entire black and white photo spread.

People are bombarded with eye-candy on a daily basis, and have become immune to color; it's everywhere. When they see back and white advertisements on TV and in magazines, they are caught off guard and more prone to study the photographs. I hope you study these.

Somerset County Circuit Court Clerk Ted Phoebus awaits the arrival of the mayor and city council members. I do love Ted, one of the few people I truly respect.

Residents show up for the swearing in.

Right, Mayor P.J. Purnell arrives.

Mayor and City Council

Ted Phoebus swears in Mayor P.J. Purnell

Phoebus swears in, from left, Barry Dize, Raymond Anderson, and Kim Lawson.

Now for the formalities...

And in true Crisfield tradition, there is always time for friends, family, and good food.

"Mrs. Mayor" show off some home-made fudge.

"Mr. Mayor" poses with family members...

Not only did we swear in a a new mayor, we got news that one of law-enforcement officials had just recorded his first Gospel CD, "Ever Since I've Been Changed", by Bishop J.J. Green and the Anointed Five. Congratulations!

President of the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce John Phoebus poses with Chief of Police Mike Tabor.

This gal knows how to cook. I don't think there is anything she doesn't know how to do!

Pat Tabor, left, serves the mayor his first slice of cake.

 Congratulations Mr. Mayor!

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Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I agree, Patty, black & white does make more of an impact. In fact, I posted photos on our blog today in B&W so great minds must be thinking alike! Great people shots here today (and always).