Tuesday, July 13, 2010

John Phoebus runs for House of Delegates - District 38A

I normally stay away from politics but since I photograph for the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce and since John is president, I felt obliged to post a few photos and cover his run. This is not an endorsement.

So with that said, here are some photos of Phoebus that I have taken over the past 3 years.

John attends the Crisfield Clam Bake.

John, who is both an attorney and president of the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce, presents a chamber member with an award.

John volunteering at clam bagging

John officiated at Memorial Day services.

John officiates at Business after Hours.

John speaks at the opening of the new Crisfield Park. 

John poses for the camera at a fundraiser.

John speaks to the the graduating class at Crisfield High School.

John Poses with Salisbury boxer Fernando Guerreo at a fundraiser.

John speaks at the Princess Anne Civic Center where Richard N. Carey was named the 2010 Outstanding Citizen by the Boy Scouts of America. Shown with John is Jay Tawes.

I can't find the names of all these people, but the 3 from left are Austin Cox, Sr., John Phoebus, and Richard N. Carey.

John gets kisses from two winners in last year's Miss Crustacean Pageant.

John at a fundraiser with Maryland State's Attorney Kristy Hickman and her husband John.

John officiates at Freedom Fest.

I took this photo in John's Crisfield law office.

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