Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Governor Martin O'Malley tours Crisfield Rubberset Plant

Governor Martin O'Malley tours Crisfield Rubberset Plant

"Good Employees make a company, and a good company knows how to make good employees. That is what makes a successful company."
If you have a good paint brush or two around the house, chances are that they were manufactured by the Rubberset plant in Crisfield, a division of Sherwin-Williams. Now, we all know that Sherwin-Williams makes great paint. And of course, if you have ever painted with a Sherwin-Williams paint brush, you know it applies paint like only a well-made paint brush can do.

Rubberset manufactures over 3 million paint brushes annually. That's right here in Crisfield! Pretty cool, I think. The plant also employees some 150 people, and has plans to expand it's workforce by another 80 employees in the near future.

During our annual Tawes Clam Bake,  Governor Martin O'Malley made a side-trip to meet with Crisfield Mayor P.J. Purnell for a tour of Rubberset. I was there. It was my second time photographing inside Rubberset. 

 We are extremely lucky not only to have had a plant such as Rubberset remain loyal to our town for many, many years, but recently expanded, and are continuing to expand.  Crisfield is very proud of Rubberset and it's employees who turn out quality work. Are you in the market for a paint brush? Buy Sherwin-Williams and put a little Crisfield in your home!

Now, sit back and let me "paint" you a picture of one stop on Governor O'Malley's "Jobs Across Maryland" tour.  We're glad you came, Governor. Come back anytime. 

Read coverage in the July 28, edition of the Crisfield-Somerset County Times.

 *Photos are not in order of events

Left, Crisfield Mayor P.J. Purnell awaits the arrival of Governor O'Malley. Shown center is Crisfield Chief of Police Mike Tabor. Thanks to Chief Tabor for giving me a ride from Clam Bake to Rubberset. Parking was limited at Clam Bake. Very limited.

 Governor O'Malley arrives at Rubberset.

Chief Tabor greets one of the Governor's aides, left.

Renee Stephens, right, of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, Eastern Shore division, greets Governor O'Malley.

You will see a lot of photographers in this photo-essay. When you work for a newspaper, you are supposed to avoid other photographers being in your photos. Since I am retired, I thought I would break a rule that I have always wanted to break. Besides, I think photographers can sometimes be an important part of the photograph. Here, photographers are taking a photo of Councilwoman LaVerne Johnson greeting Governor O'Malley

Members of the Crisfield City Council, from left, LaVerne Johnson, Barry Dize, Raymond Anderson, and Mike Atkins.

Out-going Plant Manager Norm Wolske, center, talks to Mayor Purnell and Governor O'Malley. Wolske has been with Sherwin-Williams for 25 years.

Left, site manager David Rainbow, joins in on the tour. He has been with Sherwin-Williams for 11 years.

Look at all those nice brushes!

I hope that you enjoyed your tour to our Rubberset plant. Don't you just want to break out those paintbrushes and give your house a makeover? I do! Make sure you use a Sherwin-Williams brush.

Oops. I forget something. See how much we love our businesses?

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