Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photographing birds in Crisfield.

 Bird watching in Crisfield

"In my deepest troubles, I frequently would wrench myself from the persons around me and retire to some secluded part of our noble forests." ~ John James Audubon 

Audubon certainly had the right idea. We have a lot of secluded places around Crisfield for both land-lovers and salty-dogs.

If you have a boat, you will enjoy looking at the many species of birds that can be found in Crisfield. If you don't have a boat, you can take a ride on one of our tour boats, or just bring your binoculars and sit on the dock, or explore Crisfield by car. Either way, you are sure to run into some interesting birds. Who knows what else you will find?

 Please keep in mind that Ospreys need privacy when nesting. They are protected under the Federal Migratory Nesting Bird Act. I am not sure how many feet you can come to nesting birds, but in many states it is 500 feet. Since I am not a "birder", my longest lens (standard for photojournalists who do not shoot sports) is a 70-200.

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