Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crabbing in Crisfield - with a little shopping on the side...

Crabbing in Crisfield - and a little shopping...

"My perfect vacation? A little shopping in a small town, eating where the locals eat, dressing like the locals, and doing what the locals do. Anything else, and I am just another tourist."

You have to go crabbing if you want to to experience a "local" sport. Is crabbing a sport? Well, there is "sport" fishing, so I guess there can be "sport" crabbing.

If you are looking to do a little shopping in Crisfield, stop in at the Blue Crab Crossing (look for the cute railroad crossing sign) near the city dock. Not only can you pick up local artwork, you can get your family crabbing gear, along with directions to some good crabbing places. Live like a local!

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