Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crisfield fried turkey

Crisfield fried turkey...
Billie at the Pizza Shoppe in Crisfield knows how to do one mean fried turkey.  She does oven turkeys, too, and pies and cakes. Billie will cook anything you want anytime of the year. So with that said, here's how Billie cooks a fried turkey.

Billie puts the turkey in the fryer...

When it's done, she takes it out. I hope you got those complicated directions.

Don't forget to let it drain.

Billie checks all areas with a thermometer to make sure the turkey is evenly cooked.

This turkey gets a little stuffing.

A little decorating always make for a brighter table...

 Billie tops off the turkey with seasoning...


Homemade holiday desserts.

If you are not up to cooking, give Billie a call at: 410 968-0333. Her number can always be found on sidebar to the right.

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Doreen said...

oh my goodness!! the pineapple upside down cake is what my mouth is watering for right now!