Friday, November 26, 2010

Bounty of the Bay

Best Seafood on the Eastern Shore
 I hope all my readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know that most everyone had to let their belts out a notch after turkey day. We ate a little too much, as well. Being vegetarians for over 30 years, our main course was tofurkey and a veggie loaf with all the trimmings that included oyster dressing and stuffed shrimp. Ah, but oysters and shrimp are not vegetables, you say? We are actually  pescetarians, one who eats no meat, only fish.

Many of you have hit the malls and will walk off a few pounds today (no need - Christmas goodies are heading your way as we speak). The last thing anyone wants to think about today is food, so why do a food post ? I am so cruel. 

The below photos have been in my folder for a few weeks, and since I am taking it easy today...not really, still playing the eternal catch-up game, I thought this would be a good time to post them. 

The photos were taken at our friend's house during their Bounty of the Bay celebration. I love this time of the year because it is a pescetariane's dream.  The bay provides us with everything we need in the way of seafood.

The steamed mussels were a real treat. 5 star restaurant quality.

Delicious clams!

Fresh rock fish.

Lightly dredged and tender oysters from the bay. 

Although this was an informal dinner, I will take the liberty to call this last dish the fiesta resistance simply because my palette thought it had died and gone to some kind of celebrity chef's heaven.

The dish was Crab-and-Leek Bisque Johnson Creek taken from The Chesapeake Bay Crabbiest Cookbook. You can order it from the Tawes Museum and find it at local shops.

No matter what your food preferences, if you enjoy seafood you would love living in Crisfield. Fresh seafood is only a few minutes away from your door, and Crisfield people are sooo friendly. Oh, and  they know how to cook!  Umm? I think I'm getting hungry.

Thanks neighbors! It was a wonderful evening.

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