Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crisfield Waterman's Festival

Thought I would post one photo of the festival to wet your appetite. Visit the newspaper web-extra gallery for more photos. I will post more when I have time (jury duty through Friday).

This photo is of the oyster shucking contest. Shucker on left is not the winner. He is just happy he finished. The winner's name and photo is posted on the web-extra site.

Folks, a nor'easter blew in - high tide and wind made for the perfect storm. That did not deter fans of the festival from traveling far distances to enjoy some great Eastern Shore seafood. Thanks to all those who made the event a success.

I hope to catch with everyone this weekend.


Linda said...

I really love the electric joy you've captured in this shot Patty! Brilliant work. The oysters look divine. If I wasn't so allergic, I might be tempted. I hope your jury duty worked out alright. I love your work here. =D

Joanne said...

Now those are definitely some diehard fans/tourists/fans, braving a nor'easter! But it looks like nothing can "dampen" the spirits of Crisfield, that's for sure :)

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

yah! it's always good to be happy to compete! and he finished.

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The Pink Birdhouse said...

anyone willing to go out in that weather sure does get my vote. Maryland people remind me of the germans, ready and willing to go out in any weather. As the saying goes, "there is nothing wrong with the weather, just the way one dresses for it!!". Thinking of you and dropping by to let you know I was here. ciao, girlfriend, Debby

A Scattering said...

Hope jury duty isn't taking TOO much out of you. Gray and I are missing you Patty!

Teacher's Pet said...

Anyone who looks at this photo and doesn't smile....well, let me put it gently...the have been sucking on lemons too long. This is a GREAT shot!! I love the capture of the shucker that finished.
Glory!!! (I can hear him saying it!)
Smiles from Jackie