Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A "Bahhhhh" filtered photo

“Lying there, I heard the gentle, drowsy tinkling if a goat-bell, and presently the herds wandered past us, pausing to stare with vacant yellow eyes, bleat sneeringly, and then move on.”
~ Gerald Durrell

Another one of those photo that helps to wear down my breaks. I saw this little girl with her goat on the way to an assignment and had to slam on my breaks. Filtered in Adobe CS4.

“There is no house possessing a goat but a blessing abideth wherein.”


Chef E said...

I love goats! Wanted to bring one back and make my own goat cheese, but hubby said it was him or a goat...well how do they look in two piece suits and in a board room...

~JarieLyn~ said...

Very cool. I like it. I could hang this one on my wall.

Barry said...

What a very charming picture, Patty. I hope your brakes hold out for many more of the same!

Joanne said...

Such a gentle shot, calming in a way. It almost seems from a bygone era.

Rebecca said...

Yep...some things are worth slamming on the brakes for. That's why I hate when my husband drives. "Oh look there's a............" Gone. It kills me.

Linda said...

I'd leave a comment but I can't stop laughing about the chipmunks. Every time I tried to read your comment to Barry, I couldn't because I was laughing to hard. I have a post especially for you coming up soon.

So what have you posted for me to see today. Oh, Heidi! Is she on her way to grandfather's? I love goats because I am a Capricorn. This picture is really sweet. Does Heidi know the Maryland song? We have an Ontario song,

"Give us a place to stand and a place to grow
And call this land Ontario
A place to live for you and me
With hopes as high as the tallest tree
Give us a land of lakes and a land of snow
And we will build Ontario
A place to stand, a place to grow, Ontari-ari-ario."

by Dolores Claman 1967

So you can see while you are avenging despots, we are shoveling snow.

I have always admired Maryland because that is where the "Star Spangled Banner" was penned. Francis Scott Key... 1812. He should have written a Maryland song while he was at it. Honestly, what was he thinking?

Patience-please said...

Oh I have a goat story! Too long for a comment, maybe I'll write it up on my blog one day. I was out early early with the dogs taking silhouettes this morning. I've been allowed to join in on the shoot out fun!!!