Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stargate Goa'uld T.E.R.

Stargate Goa'uld T.E.R.
If you are not a fan of Stargate, move on, because you will have no idea what this is. My son is a huge sci-fi fan. He grew up on sci-fi movies. I love them, too. I still love Star Trek.

My son has a amazing sci-fi collection comprised of both actual props and limited editions. From time to time, I post one for my sci-fi readers. 

With that said, enjoy the Transphase Eradication Rod. What's that?  It's is a Goa'uld weapon used against the Reetou. The device is capable of bringing the invisible Reetou or any other cloaked entity into the visible field observed by humans. Once the Reetou is detected, the gun can fire a blast that blows the Reetou apart. The Tok'ra have been able to steal some versions, and also use them against the Reetou Rebels. The weapon was also the testbed for the Kull disruptor. The unmodified TER seemed to be the only thing capable of hurting the Kull Warrior, although it only slowed it down for a second.

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