Sunday, July 22, 2012

Drought takes a toll on nation's crops

2012 Drought 

The weather has been taking its toll on both crops and people. Weather breaking temperatures have made this the hottest record on year - ever.  Over 40,000 temps have been broken or equaled around the nation, and August is not even here yet. Global change? I say, yes.

Crisfield has had little rain in weeks and the heat has been unbearable. It seemed to rain all around us, in batches, enough to keep some farms in the green. The farm that I frequent was one of the lucky Maryland farms.

The good news is that it rained a bunch this weekend, and the temps dropped - only 82 today, a far cry from the heat index of 110 last week. The bad news is, the temps are headed back up.

This Delaware farm seems to be "in the green." FYI: When in Sussex County, Delaware, check out Orchard Point Farmer's Market. All produce comes from Sussex County.

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