Thursday, July 12, 2012

Glasgow County Park on Pulaski Highway in Delaware

Glasgow County Park on Pulaski Highway in Delaware
If you are in the area, check out this 250 acre park. It has a sledding hill, a 2.7 mile paved walkway that loops around the park, a basketball and tennis court, picnic area, playground for the kiddies, and an awesome skate park (Glasgow Regional Skate Park) - every town should have a skate park. 

The park has added over $10 million worth of improvements. No wonder they call it the "Crown Jewel" of New Castle County's park system.

We have been passing this park for several years on the way to our son's house and have always marveled at the beauty and amenities that it affords the locals. Last week, having a little spare time on our hands, we stopped for the first time. I honed in on the skate park, added in March of 2012. 

It was about 100 degrees, so there weren't many skateboarders, and we didn't stay long. In the past, I have seen dozens of skateboarders flying into the air as we passed.

On our next trip to our son's house in Bel Air, we will leave early, pack a lunch, and take in more of the park. Maybe someone will teach me how to skateboard. I will have to work my way up to walking the entire 2.7 mile trail. 

Rant time: I know this is a much larger place than Crisfield (you could put the entire city in the park), but our kids need to something to do. We all need something to do. We don't need a new library; we have a nice library. Perhaps the "library" grant money, the money of the tax-payers of Maryland (four-million-dollars), would be better spent renovating Crisfield, creating an art community, or giving our kids something to do.

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