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Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Association 2012 bay cruise

Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Association 2012 bay cruise
File photo. I have about a dozen photos of this buyboat, but this one, taken recently, was handy.

 This one, not taken recently, was not handy, but I found it.

Be in Tangier Island, VA., on Friday, August 3, to see the historical buyboats depart for their tour. Actually, arrive early and enjoy the island.

Too far away to visit Tangier Island? Here's the tour schedule:

   Schedule of events:  

   Wednesday, August 1 -  Arrive and relax.
   Thursday August 2 - Relax, tour island and relax.
   Friday, August 3 - Underway for Crisfield, early am.

>> (2) Crisfield, MDFriday, August 3 - Arrive in Crisfield, MD - Somers Cove.
 >> (3) Solomons IslandAugust 5 - 7
     Dockside at the Calvert Marine Museum, rest and relax. Ted has scheduled a day trip on the 6th for  those who would like to see Veras White Sands  beach club marina and restaurant for lunch.

>> (4) Annaplois,  August 7 -  9
    Dockside at the Annapolis Maritine Museum. Boats open to the public for tours on the 8th. Tour the town and relax.

>> (5) Chester River, MD  August 9 - 10
    Arrive on August 9th on the East Fork of Langford Creek at the home of Captain Barry Buckley (East Hampton). Underway for tour of Chestertown on the 10th.

>> (6) Chestertown, MD August 10 - 10
    Tour Chestertown for about 6+ hours. Underway for overnight at Rolph's Wharf.

>> (5) Chester River, MD  August 10 - 11
    Overnight at Rolph's Wharf  Marina the home port of the Oyster Buyboat Thomas J.

>> (7) Rock Hall,  MD  August 11 - 12 Pirate's Weekend.
    The Association will arrive in Rock Hall firing cannons at the beach party and will then turn around pull into the Harbor and dock, slips will be provided.  All afternoon there will be a party on the beach provided by Rock Hall with band.  The Buy Boat Association will have a special location where refreshments will be provided.  That party will end at 4:00.  At 5:00/5:30 there will be a special party hosted for the Buy Boat Association at Cain’s Marina.  There will be an elaborate meal provided with a band starting at 5:30 and playing until 8:30.  At 8:30, United States Air Force Band will be playing for one hour on the bulkhead to celebrate the War of 1812.  This should last for approximately one hour and will be consummated by the Star Spangled Banner and a cannon barrage around the Harbor.  That evening the Pirate’s and Wenches Ball will take place at Watermen’s Restaurant.  This will be for the hearty of spirit only but worthwhile seeing.

>> (8) Baltimore,  MD  August 13 - ??  Living Classrooms, pierside.

>>August 13 - Underway for home ports if not going to Baltimore.

I am going to my wenches outfit out and head to Rock Hill, MD on August 11-12! I'll be the wench with the camera.

OK, what's a buyboat? They used to be a common site on the Chesapeake, going out into the waters to get the daily catch of the fishing, crabbing, and oyster boats. They allowed the working boats to haul in bounties for days, and sometimes weeks. I don't have an exact count of how many there were in their heyday, but I am sure one of the captains can tell you.

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