Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weather, Dogs, and Verizon in Crisfield

Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation. ~ Kin Hubbard

Though we have been lucky enough to have had an extended fall, Old Man Winter has been creeping slowly around the corner. I took the below photos on Friday when the wind was a bit nippy.

As I write this, it is 54 degrees outside and raining. Not bad for December. The extended forecast says it will be in the fifties tomorrow and almost sixty on Tuesday, so we won't complain about a few "nippy" days.

Sounds like I am playing weather-woman now. That is about all my time allows me these days. And I had to come up with something to say!

This is Hugh Hardgrove and his dog Lilly. Lilly loves the cold weather and her walks by the bay.

Dogs are such camera hams.

And we mustn't forget Hugh's other dog Sushi, who was not so much a camera ham. She was just happy having the wind in her hair.

And kudos to Missy Evans of Tylerton, one of the many Verizon employees who brave all kinds of weather to keep our communications going. Without Missy, and others like her...well, you would not be reading this.

I have to give Verizon a plug here because they are one of our main sources of cell, Internet, and in-home service around these parts. Now I am pretty picky about my Internet and cell phone service. In three years, I have never been without service. Well, once, but they had someone at my house within two hours. I won't mention the other Internet provider we had back in Georgia, but they were one of the big guys. My Internet was down more than it was up.

Now back to Missy. One of Missy's jobs is as an installer. Tylerton is part of Smith Island, a forty-minute boat ride from Crisfield. Missy spends a lot of time on the mail/passanger boats. When I took this photo she was rushing to catch the 12:30 boat back to Tylerton to take care of a call. Oh, and she had just stopped off at Subway to get her lunch to go.

A little note here. I really appreciate all the people who work outside to help make life on the warm inside better for us. Just think about the people behind the scenes? Telephone and electrical workers, firemen, policemen, mail-carriers (many people around here still get door to door delivery), city workers who keep our streets clean; the people who help bring water and sewer to our homes. Imagine life if all the people who did outside work were to opt for an inside job tomorrow? And don't forget the poor news photographer who always gets a call when the weather is as its worst.


Teacher's Pet said...

I love the wind blowing through Lilly and Sushi's fur (and tail).....shows what a brisk and cool day it was. My hat is off to Missy. She seems to be a hard worker...and look at that smile!
Great photos... They brought a smile to me.
Hugs from Jackie

Rebecca said...

LOL I love that quote! I love the way Sushi's hair is blowing in the wind too. Enjoy these warm few days - we need a new roof (leaking) and lucky for us we can get it done with the warm days forecasted, otherwise we'd be leaking til spring!

Anonymous said...

patti - soccer game at Armory tomorrow night @ 7PM
Salvation Army Coaches playing to raise money for Ricky Ward memorial.

Patty said...

Thanks Anon, I thought this went on an older post but I found it. :)

I will try to cover this for you if I am back in time.

Kerry said...

Great pictures. Sometimes I'm jealous of people with outdoor jobs. Not so much today, though, in the pouring rain.

Bagman and Butler said...

Great dogs! I liked this post because I got to meet some more of your family! And yes, when you get down on the ground to take a better angle of dogs, they do love to rush the camera.