Thursday, December 24, 2009

Food, Love, and Bikes for Christmas

All around the country, people have been giving of their time, energy, and money to make sure others have a brighter Christmas. The Crisfield and the Delmarva area are no different. From our police to our Red Cross bell ringers, to our organizations and individuals, people everywhere have been working as hard as Santa's elves.

Below are two photos that I hope thanks everyone everywhere for all their work and concern for those less fortunate.

The men are members of Men of Progress, a youth mentoring group.They provided Christmas food bags for many families around the area. The woman is Rev. Bess McAllister of the St. Paul Church. The church assisted in finding families in need, and let the MOP use their facilities. Because of the efforts of the MOP, a lot of people will be able to enjoy a Christmas meal.

Albert, that Love bag you are holding says it all.

Kudos to these two students from Salisbury Christian School who started Bikes for Christmas. Yesterday, two tractor trailer trucks pulled into Crisfield loaded with bikes for area kids. Shown are founders of this wonderful program Ben Katzaman, left, and Hunter Fooks. The two have provided bikes for children all around the Delmarva area. Oh, and to get a lot of these bikes, students from around the area agreed to give up their Christmas gifts to help those less fortunate. Doesn' t that warm your heart?

Thanks also to Village Youth Center in Crisfield. I have said it more than once and I will say it again, "It takes a village..." Kudos to everyone.

Oh, and Ben, I am going to have to watch you. You're getting too good with that camera.

I really wish I had had time to photograph and show you all the good work being done in the area. I can only squeeze in what my free time allows.

Merry Christmas! I can't say that enough, either.


GingerV said...

stopped by to say Merry Christmas. saw your angels - the very best kind.
have a great day tomorrow and enjoy your new year.

Good thing you didn't stow away in Camillo's bag - still has not arrived - will probably spend Christmas day in an airport far away.
hugs from Paris.

A Scattering said...

Now I know how the Grinch must have felt when his heart grew - thanks for sharing these wonderful deeds with all of us.

HalfCrazy said...

Wow, looks like the Men Of Progress are REALLY doing great with their lives! It's touching to see that they share their blessings with the less fortunate!

Man, those two students up there serves as great role models! Imagine they're still students but they did something new and great!