Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow in Bel Air, Maryland

Many of you know we spend a lot of time at our son's house in Bel Air, MD. Our son just sent us this photo and I wanted to share it with all you Bel Air, Maryland residents who spend so much time in Crisfield, and those of you who have vacation homes here.

I have met so many wonderful Bel Air people when covering assignments for the newspaper, and I thought you might like to know we only got a scattering of snow. And it is warmer here. Now don't you wish you were in Crisfield now?

When our son shot this photo of his home this afternoon, he said about eight inches had fallen; another six had fallen after he shot the photo.  Brrr.

And we, in Crisfield, are happy to be here. Sometimes the bay keeps the bad weather away. Hey, that rhymed.

Another good thing about Crisfield is that we don't have any "Wheel Roads". For all you people who have not had the privalage of driving on Wheel Road in Hardford County, you are not missing anything.

Don't get me wrong. Going to Bel Air in Harford County is like going to Disney Land for us. But it sure is nice to come home. No traffic. No noise. Just  good old-fashioned small town flavor. I guess that's what draws so many people from Bel Air and other surrounding cities.


Cynthia L. H. said...

Oh, yes! It looks a LOT like Christmas!!!

Teacher's Pet said...

This is a wonderland photo!!!
It's beautiful....and I would love to look at it from inside the warm house! Beautiful!!!
Smiles from Jackie

Barry said...

Not to brag, but we don't have snow in Toronto either.

But it turns out we do have crabcakes from Crisfield on our (better) restaurant menus this weekend.

I've made sure to mention them on my blog today and thought of you when I was ordering.

Anonymous said...

Well the scene is sure beautiful and sets off a warm comfy looking home. If you are like is, you will get it yet. We got a picture today of our son and family in Austin Texas, and oh it is so nice and warm there.