Saturday, December 5, 2009

Decorations Going Up All Over

I captured these Princess Anne town workers sprucing up the flower baskets with holiday flowers. They also spent the day putting up lights and other decorations. Thanks for the pose guys. The town looks great.

Princess Anne Town Commissioner Dennis Williams gets in on the fun as he decorates the Christmas tree on the court house grounds.

Sorry Crisfield, I was out of town when you put up your decorations.


imac said...

2 Great close-up shots.
I guess you were looking out of a window?

Patty said...

Thanks Imac. No window. I stood on their ladder. I always carry a medium sized ladder to get different perspectives; a ladder is one of the tools of a photojournalist.

imac said...

Have you got a small ladder to fit into a suitcase,lol.