Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Lights Around Crisfield

Erin and Addison admire some of the Christmas lights along their road in Crisfield.
Tommy, we always love your seasonal decorations.

 Wish I had had more time to take you around Crisfield but the weather has not cooperated. We have had rain, wind (you can't shoot lights in the wind), and even fog each time I had planned a shoot. I shot all these on the run with my wide-angle lens (set at around 15 with a high ASA). No time for tripod setup. Well, I did try a tripod setup one evening but it was so wet my tripod was sinking into the ground. I normally shoot Christmas lights with my 70-200 on a tripod or at least use my 24-70 on a tripod. I love my ultra- wide-angle; always handy when on the run.

All my Christmas lights so far have been "point, hold breath, cross fingers, and shoot" shots. All you photographers know what I am talking about. If we have a nice evening, and time allows, I will bring you some better photos. But don't count on it. A storm is headed our way and my gosh, it's almost Christmas.


imac said...

Thank you for the wonderful show.

Barry said...

Hey, it fits in with the FSO theme too! What a great Friday!

Beautiful photos Patty. I loved the house with all the white lights and that beautiful wreath!

Linda said...

The lights around Crisfield are very festive! The Christmas geese are sooo adorable! The erin and Addison house looks like it might have the turkey waiting for us, or maybe some Christmas cheer. Wrestling with frozen tube lights, cannot be much fun. Thanks for the great post. Your photography rocks, Patty!!!!!

Happy Holidays, from Barry and Linda with love.

Bagman and Butler said...

Yea, Patty! A Friday shootout! And one to be proud of! Loved them all. Loved the kid surrounded by the light rope! I can see that you had your eye on for this post!

A Scattering said...

These are the loveliest Christmas decoration photos I've seen - the clarity and composition is wonderful! When we heard about the big storm heading your way I looked at Geoff and said Oh, no! Patty's going to get MAJOR weather. Hope you stay safe and sound. Hi from Geoff (who is recovering nicely from hernia surgery he had on Wednesday).

Teacher's Pet said...

I am sooo NOT good at night shots.
Yours are beautiful.
I have a Nikon...a good camera...and more than one lens.
What am I doing wrong...sigh.
Yours are stunning. Thank you for sharing. (I'm a photography and blogging....but I love to visit you.)

Patty said...

Teacher's Pet:My shots are not very good. I was trying to work a deadline for the newspaper and we had rain and wind and fog.

You have to shoot night shots with a tripod - no flash - low shutter speed. It is impossible to get a good photo at a slow shutter speed when the wind is blowing.

How are things in Georgia?

Patty said...

Barry and Linda: I have not had time to keep up with the assignments, so it was sheer luck that my photos fit the assignment.

Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot of me.

Love you guys. And Lindsey.

Merry Christmas!

Lew said...

Still good shots for hand held! Enjoyed your other recent posts around Crisfield.