Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Miss Maryland USA 2009, Gabrielle Carlson

OK. If you read my last post, you will know this is my last photo post for a few days, unless my ankle gets better or my Dell tech shows up for the 4th time to fix my computer. And if you read my last post, you will know that the only reason I had these photos to post is because I forgot to format one of my cameras last night.

Also, if you read my last post (perhaps you should read my last post) you know that, whenever I can, I like to give back to my community. So last night, I hobbled over to Somers Cover Marina to shoot contestants in our upcoming Freedom Fest contest (you will really have to read my last post for all the details on that).

I can't post the photos because the newspaper has not run the story yet, but I can show you Miss Maryland USA 2009, Gabrielle Carlson. She lives about ten minutes up the road. We are all so proud of her.

"Gabi", as her friends call her, had come down to show the girls some pointers and talk to them about the pageant. She was so sweet. I know she will go far in life.

Miss Maryland USA shows the girls how to walk for the camera.

A gracious pose.

Another wonderful pose at Somers Cove Marina.

John John Crabby Crab is getting pretty popular around these parts. Before I left for the shoot, he jumped into my camera bag and popped out just after the shoot, wanting a kiss from Gabi. She was kind enough to make an old crab happy. I think Crabby had actually hoped he would be turned into a prince. No chance now, Crabby. If Gabi could not do it, you are stuck being our town mascot.

Thanks to Gabi, all the Miss Freedom Fest contestants, and to Allison Castellana, our event's coordinator.

Good luck to all the contestants!

And yes, John John Crabby Crab, may decide to write a book one day. Umm? But where will he find the time?


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Great shots Patty and hope your ankle gets better soon.
I'm having major computer problems as well. Mostly on Blogger....hope I can post Friday myself!!
XOXO to all from Georgia and

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Dan Felstead said...

Patty...what a bummer...I did read your last post! If you didn't have bad luck, you would have no luck at all! Hope your ankle gets better and on the computer issue...have you heard of carbonite? I use it and it has already paid off for me. My hard drive crashed last November and thank God everything was backed up on Carbonite. It backs up real time as you use the computer to an offline site...very reliable. $50.00 per year unlimited storage. I recommend it highly.


Patty said...

Dan: Yes. I have heard of it, and my son keeps telling me to sign up. I guess you sealed the deal.

RG: Bummer on your end. No problems on blogger on this end.

roentarre said...

She is just soooooo gorgeous in deed!

Chef E said...

Dan is right, and we have three computers at home now, so we are experienced 'loose it' valuables over hear!

Hope your ankle gets better, and I will be posting from Texas...the heat I hear will drive me inside most of the time...

Kim said...

Get better soon!

Nice to see Crabby Crab getting out and about...get's to kiss such a pretty girl...be must be doing a little crab walk dance!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Patty, Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you will return.. If you enjoy reading about family; flowers/garden/roses, etc.; hiking/traveling/waterfalling; etc.... you will enjoy my blog.

I am enjoying yours.. You have had such an interesting life---and I will enjoy reading more of your posts. Tell hubby how much I appreciate his time in the service. I always want to say thanks to any of our soldiers.


ROSIDAH said...

I have read your post and hope that you're getting better soon. Beautiful Miss Maryland USA! Lucky Mr. John John Crabby Crab. He really should write a book, if he got time.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get better soon Patty. Gabi is really lovely and looks very sweet. Really cute pic with the crab!!!

Patty said...

Mildred: Yes, only a real professional would kiss a crab. Miss Maryland USA has class. And what a lovely subject she was.

Rosidah: Yes. I think Crabby should write a book about his adventures in Crisfield. I need to teach him how to use the computer.

Betsy: Thanks. Do come back and enjoy Crisfield.

Kim: Little Crabby was a little light headed after being kissed by such a beautiful woman. He had stars in his eyes not only from the kiss but from wondering what it would be like in the big world. I think he wants to famous now. We are going to have to keep a tight leash on him (he does have one). Perhaps we should start a beauty contest for crabs all around the country. But don't tell him just yet.

Roenterra: Yes. She is drop dead gorgeous. That is why she is Miss Maryland! And one of our locals. Whoo hoo! How cool is that?

Anonymous said...

Miss Maryland is beautiful, and she obviously is a sweetheart to boot!

Beautiful photos Patty, and that crab looks very pleased with himself. LOL!

Patty said...

Jen: Yep. She was a sweetheart. And Crabby was very pleased. John John, from Tawes Oil, who donated Crabby (shhhh...don't tell) is probably thinking, "That should have been my kiss."

Kathy in CA said...

I love that Crabby goes out and about with you!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Well done ,Gabi and congrates!
Hope your ankle gets better soon.

Butler and Bagman said...

Bagman thinks Crabby is nuts because he'd prefer to jump in the space in your bag that Crabby vacated and sneak home with you...

Patty said...

Butler and Bagman: Ah, Bagman just wants to meet all those interesting and cool people. I am sure Bagman would have knocked me over and even poor Crabby to get a kiss from Gabi.

Keats: Double thanks.

Kathy: Crabby is a bit a pill sometimes. But everyone does seem to like him.

Sarah said...

LOL Patty - I love th crabby pic - so cute - the other shots are wonderful too!!!
So sorry about the ankle!! So glad you didn't break it!!! I 've done this a couple times - it's painful!! Hang in there!!! Sarah

Snooty Primadona said...

I've been reading back over your other posts & am fascinated that you live in the crab capitol. I would die & go to Heaven, for sure. We are totally nuts for fried soft shell crab. Yum! What a perfect place to live!

Linda said...

Miss Maryland is doing the beauty queen strut, Crabby is doing the crab walk and you poor Patty would likely be happy doing any kind of "cool" walking. :( Hope your ankle improves quickly! Find a good techie and tell him to walk on over and fix your equipment. I am sending good karma and hugs to you.

Patty said...

Linda: Thanks. I wish I could do some kind of strut. My ankle reeely hurts but I have a busy schedule for the rest of the week (through Sunday) starting tomorrow at 6pm. Yes, someone else could do my work, but then who would do their work? Newspaper work is not like a working for a company where if someone is sick, the work can wait a day. They don't call them "daily" newspapers for nothing. If someone drops the ball, it is hard on everyone.

I have a good tech, and he just left after installing a new CPU, two new video cards, and another power supply (he just installed one of those two days ago). Windows is now corrupted (we both saw that coming), and he could not get the computer to work without reformatting. He realized how important everything was to me, and told me he could install Windows on a new hard drive and move everything over. So I called Dell tonight and they are sending a new hard drive that I hope he can put in on Friday.

Thank goodness I can still work from my laptop, but editing photos for the paper on a laptop is not my favorite thing to do, especially when I have to send a lot of photos. Also, I am used to working with two monitors, so this is a real headache.

REDLAN said...

"when I saw a photographer taking photos of a girl in a bridal grown at an old abandoned 3 story brick church. That was to be my next post."

were you talking about Miss Maryland?

I love watching Miss USA and Miss Universe every year. Goodluck to all the Miss Freedom Fest contestants!

gigi said...

You sure have great beauty in your neck of the woods :)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

What a beauty. Wonderful shots!