Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crisfield "My Town" Shoot Out Through the Eyes of "John John" Crabby Crab

“Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans; it's lovely to be silly at the right moment” ~ Horace

For this week's Friday shoot-out,  I thought I would have a little fun. I had no idea what to do. Bagman showed all of us last week with his water theme, and Gordon has Scruffy, so I went out searching from something different.

I was wandering around town, got hungry, and stopped in at Linton's Seafood to get a bite to eat when I heard a little voice saying, "Help me." I looked around trying to find the source, and went back to where Linton's sorts their crabs. And look what I found!

This poor crab was begging to be adopted, so I worked out a deal with Harvey Linton, and he let me have the pleading crab. We named him John John "Crabby" Crab, for reasons I will explain later.

Poor Crabby!

Crabby got the trembles when he saw what his fate could have been.

After Crabby calmed down, we put him on a leash (crab string, of course) and let him walk around and check out the rest of the store while we talked to the sorter.

The sorter made a bad mistake...

He was showing us a large crab that Crabby recognized as one of his cousins. Crabby immediately broke loose from his leash, making a getaway with his cuz. We were in hot pursuit.

We finally tracked Crabby and his cuz down at Somers Cove Marina, just as cuz was jumping for his freedom.


We took Crabby on a little tour of Crisfield.

Here he is checking out Captain Larry Laird's boat. Crabby wanted to go on a tour with the students, but we didn't have enough cash on hand.

Everyone who keeps up with my blog knows all about Gordon's. Gordon's has been around since 1928. They sell around 500 cups of coffee a day. That is not too shabby for a city with a population of around 3,000. We thought Crabby might like to try a cup of coffee, and meet some of the waterman. I suspect he was a little suspicious of the them. The guy to the right was a little suspicious of Crabby, but before we left Crabby had made some new friends. That is what Gordon's is all about. Great food, too!

We took Crabby down to the Somers Cove Marina pool where he got in trouble for breaking the "no diving" rules.

It was embarrassing having to call an employee to help save him. Pool water is no place for a crab.

After that ordeal, Crabby was hungry so we took him out to one of our restaurants for soup and a sandwich...

And a beer. He insisted on tipping.


After Crabby saw the photos I took he wanted his own camera. I took a photo of him holding his camera, and showed him how he could use filters to add a little fun to his photos.

Crabby took a liking to these flowers. I think he did good on his first photo.

Crabby wanted to know what this was. I could not bring myself to tell him. But, he can't read yet, so I will tell you. It is a crab trap. People come from all over to go crabbing in Crisfield. And of course, to eat steamed crabs!

Crabby took this photo of one of the Crisfield condos. He was mesmerized with the water. I had to keep him on a tight leash - I mean crab string.

Crabby liked the green in the bicycle but did not understand the concept.

Crabby did not understand the concept of "No Parking" either.

Crabby wanted to check out these condos on the water, but I told him we already had a place to live. Great buy, though!

Crabby got very excited when he saw this near the City dock.

Crabby wanted to go for a ride on this boat, but I told him it was not a good idea.

We took Crabby back to Somers Cove Marina where we showed him our boat.

He said he much preferred this boat docked near the City dock. Spoiled already.

Crabby made a friend when Doris tried to share her radish with him. 


The following photos are more random photos taken by Crabby...

Be sure and check out Tangier Island Cruises in Crisfield. The boat leaves every day at 12:30.

Crabby loved this view.

Crabby liked the Chamber of Commerce sign, and went in to get membership papers.

This is Maho's, one of the many places to eat in Crisfield. Crabby wanted to take a dip in the water, but he had recently dried out from his dip in the pool.

Crabby had to stop and see the pretty flowers this man was planting.

This curb intrigued Crabby.

I had to hold Crabby back when he saw these feet. Bare feet and crab claws don't mix well together. But he was fascinated with the tattoo. He wanted one, but I told him he was too young.

After Crabby's camera batteries ran out, we put him back on his leash and walked him down to the Crisfield Tourist's Center where he looked over some brochures for his next adventure. He seemed to take an immediate liking to Janes Island State Park.

Paradise is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, right here in Crisfield.

Back at the house, Crabby enjoys a little R&R on the front porch.

We finally showed Crabby to the guest bedroom where he settled down for a long nap, dreaming of new adventures.

Disclaimer: Crabby is not a real crab. He was donated for our Friday shoot out by "John John" and Jenny Tawes of Tawes Oil, also owners of the Blue Crab Crossing Nautical Art & Decor located on Main Street near the City dock. You can buy those little tins of crab mints there, too.

The "real" crab was donated by Linton's Seafood, to be returned to the bay for our  Friday shoot-out.

Oh, don't tell Crabby he isn't real. I think I saw him going for the cat food earlier. Watch out, Scruffy! There's a new plush in Blog Land.

Crisfield. Come on over, kick up your feet, and feel those troubles melt away. Stay awhile, or forever.


Kathy in CA said...

I love it! How unique! And tell Crabby that those condos are a STEAL. Out here in California, $150K buys a mobile home--not including a place to live in said home!

Ann said...

SpongeBobSquarepants says" If Boss Crabby continues to gallivant in Crisfield, I am going on strike!!!!"

Hi Patty,

Great way to tell yor story. if I ever come your way, I make sure I will say hi to crabby and let him take me to the crabs. Yummy!!!

REDLAN said...

I guess you called it crabby as in fancy but he is so cute!. I even enjoyed reading and looking at the photos of crabby's journey. You have great imaginary. I like the whole story. Thanks for sharing Patty.

Butler and Bagman said...

Oh YESSSSS! You really got into it this week! I adore Crabby. You do realize, of course, that you have written a complete Children's Book. All you need to do is blow up each narrated photograph and bind them. Cuz's great escape and Heinekin...rolling with pleasure at this one. Nice wide angle lens, by the way...I was thinking about a zoom that started around 16mm until I saw the price. But the wide angle really gives the crab-eye effect (slightly less than a fish-eye). The wide angle on your boat makes it look all it could really fly. Interesting name for the boat -- BAGMAN wants to know if, when you and your husband are riding on it, do you become the trophy wife? Sally says hi to Crabby.

ROSIDAH said...

Ow, I love this post! It is soo creative, Patty :)

Sarah Lulu said...

Ohhh one day I'm coming to Crisfield I love love the feel of it ...I want to eat crab there ...

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Great shots Crabby!!! I especially love the one of you with the ole bottle of wine :)
Have a great weekend Patty and hugs to Huey and the critter's!!

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Dan Felstead said...

Crabby Crab reminds me of the traveling gnome!


Anonymous said...

A very fun and creative post Patty. You live in such a great place. Enjoy your weekend.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Patty, you definitely win this week's shoot out for originality!! This post is priceless!! I am so glad you were able to "rescue" Crabby and give him a good home. That picture of him covered up with a little blanket is just too sweet for words!! An absolutely delightful post my friend, very unique, filled with humor and great pictures, yet you still got a chance to show off your town! Have a great weekend, and give Crabby a little tickle for me. Debby

Chef E said...

What a freakin adorable post 'Crabby', I loved it! All of I want more adventures with your know the boat watching has me antsy...

Missy said...

I bet Crabby is so famous now after reading your blog hahaha. I enjoyed crabby's travel :-) and I like all your shots. Nice capture! And....I love crabs!

Zaroga said...

I've been feeling a bit crabby today, but your post got me out of that mood :-)

Very creative and great photos.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Love this post and Crabby too. Now I want to go crabbing! WoW those are some whopper crabs! I just may show up on your door step!

gigi said...

Well, you've started something now! Good luck with all of Crabby's adventures.
Between Crabby and Sally I don't know who had more fun this week? I love Random, I'm random most days. I love Cristfield and so want to visit. I'm still doing some tall talkin to the sweetheart!

Doreen said...

well, I must say Crabby had quite a day. he must be tired after all that. another great post Patty and very creative.

A Scattering said...

This was a perfect entry for a TGIF - what fun! What a busy crab.

Anonymous said...

What a cute little crabby! I love his crab sized camera.

What a great post!

Kim said...

That was quite a journey. I've gotta tell you Patty, I've never taken a fluffy red crab on a walk about. I think I liked it!

Love all your shots of Crisfield...what a great place!

Natalie said...

Hee,hee. Great idea, Patty. Your crab was very cute and very busy by the looks of things.

Barry said...

Just great Patty! I love Crabby!

And you better watch out for your job at the paper, Crabby takes a really mean picture himself!

And he tips too!

Linda said...

Patty, you really should do a childrens book about the adventures of Crabby the Crab. Reading through the tour of town was funny and interesting. The shots from a crab's perspective were perfect. Thank you for putting it together. He is an adorable crabby. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty, That was awesome! I love when Crabby had the "I Got Crabs." What a wonderful tour of the fishing district! I must admit, the entire time I was most hungry!
Your pictures were fantastic - and I totally loved the little story that went along with it! Can't wait to see next weeks!
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - I appreciate that a lot!

Sarah said...

Oh Patty - how fun was that!! Hee hee love your sense of humor - so did my five year old!! GReat fun and love the tour too!!! Thanks for popping by my blog!!

girlichef said...

Oh my gosh...I love these! I've always thought it was a cute idea (we have a traveling Sparty doll for MSU students & Alum to take when they go on vacay)!! And yes, last week was my first week...I left you a comment, but I think you visited my foodie site instead and didn't notice my water photos...but now you've found me :D ReggieGirl tempted me into joining and I'm happy that I did.

bARE-eYED sUN said...


"you so stupid!" ;-)

you had us in stitches, absolutely loved the inventive way that you gave us another wonderful tour. {almost wet our pants.}


Crabby is real cute too!

thanks again, Pat,
c'ya later


Patty said...

I want to thank everyone who posted and emailed me. This was a fun post. I wish I had had more time to do it right. A children's book? I would love to do that. I have had several people want to know why I have not put a photo book out. Time, my friends.

When I win the lottery, I will spend all my time on Crisfield books, children's books (with Crabby as the main character) and on showing off the best that Crisfield has to offer.

Oh, and I would frame some photos. Can you believe I don't have one framed photo of my photographs?

Gordon said...

Hello, Crabby! You are so red that I think you've been cooked and don't even know it. Your photos are great!

GingerV said...

sorry I didn't read all your comments.... takes so much time and I am having trouble getting to everyone as it is.

this blog was loads of fun and I like several of the photos above the rest - the painted toe nails and the red Umbrellas to name two - always enjoy your blog.

Jude said...

Think I'm supposed to be on your list?

Patty said...

Thanks Jude. Give me your blog address. It will great having someone from Greece join us.

Oz Girl said...

What a fun post! I esp love Crabby's photo of the petunias... I have those exact same petunias planted here in Kansas. :)

What? Are you kidding me? Not ONE framed photo of your photographs? You really should have more than one framed and hanging in your house. What a great wall that would be, testament to your photography accomplishments!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog about the hummingbird.

I enjoyed your long post about the crabs. I think I had crab once in a fish restaurant anchored on the Potomac river in Washington. I don't remember much about it as that was back in 1975.

Mary said...


A wonderful tour. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are lots of wonderful sites to see.

Hope you have a great week.