Saturday, June 13, 2009

In Honor of David Price

David M.Price
December 3, 1956 - Friday, June 5, 2009

I would like to take a moment to reflect on David Price, a fine citizen of Crisfield who recently passed away. I took the above photo and posted it on one of our Friday town shoot out posts in March. The post was about people, and I picked David because he was one of the many citizens around Crisfield who was always doing things for the community.

David was owner of Tull and Price, a real estate office in Crisfield. Someone recently told me he got his real estate license before he was twenty.

I didn't know that. That is one reason why I am writing this post - I should have known that.

Crisfield is a small town. Everyone knows each other in at least a casual way. People wave. And smile. And time moves a little slower here. In fact, time moves so slowly, one would think they have all the time in the world to get to know people better.

In my life, I have meet many people that I wish I had had the opportunity to know better. To sit and chat, and find out about the little things that made up their lives. To laugh a bit, to tell them how much I appreciated them for what they did. But, I moved on, or they moved on, and I missed those golden moments.

David was one of those people that I always felt guilty about not spending more time with; perhaps to tell him how much he meant to the community, or just to sit and chat about his life growing up in Crisfield.

I never went down Main Street without seeing David walking somewhere. So many times I had wanted to stop and talk but the moment always slipped away, as did the moment to talk more whenever we were kidding each other about who was following who, something we did often when I saw him at events that I was covering for the newspaper.

Seeing David participating in so many things, I kept telling myself I would go back to his office on Main Street, and maybe write a little more about him; find out what his interests were, perhaps take more photos, or sit and chat with him over a cup of coffee at Gordon's

One of my favorite songs is "And the Moment slipped Away" by Christine Lavin. Every time I know I should stop and talk to someone, or thank someone, or be more of a friend to someone, or even stop to take a photo of something I see, and I don't act on my thoughts, I think about that song. Seeing David around town often made me think of that song.

Lavin plays the acoustical guitar, and writes and sings her own songs. She has a beautiful voice and sings about life; a lot of her songs are from her own experiences. "And the Moment Slipped Away" is about not acting on our thoughts to say and do good things because we are so busy, or caught up in our own little worlds.

In the song, Lavin sings about not acting on speaking to a famous actress who once stood beside her, and crossed the street with her, and about not spending more time getting to know someone who once worked with her at Bellevue Hospital.

I dedicate this song to David Price with the blessings of Lavin, who gave me permission to print it.

If I had not let the moments pass me by when I had wanted to talk to David, I would have known so much more about him, including the fact that he had been a Realtor since he was twenty. A small detail, one might think, but just one of the many things that made up the tapestry of his wonderful, kind life.

Now, every time I drive down Main Street, it looks a little lonelier, and I feel a bit of sadness.

So, I hope this will remind all of you to never let another golden moment pass you by. Kind words and showing appreciation for what other have done, will never make you sorry. Learning more about the people you know casually will enrich your lives. Saying something nice to a stranger will put a smile on at least two faces. Each day, we are all presented with little golden moments. We should strive to make the most of them.

David Price was 52. One day I waved at him; and then I heard he was gone.

The Moment Slipped Away

She's a famous actress
Movies and TV
I recognize her as we climb the stairs
Of the IRT
we cross the street together
moving up Broadway
I'm trying to come up with
something clever I can say
about how I love her work
what it means to me
how in her most recent film
she acted brilliantly
maybe she'll think I'm stupid
maybe this'll make her day
but she disappeared into the crowd
and the moment slipped away

He works the wards of Bellevue Hospital
the mail delivery
for two years every weekday morning
he said hello to me
we'd joke about the local teams
the weather of the day
though there were many other things
I really wanted to say
you see he wasn't like the rest of us
it was a struggle for him to walk
you had to concentrate really hard
just to understand him talk
I wanted to ask him
where you get the courage
to come to work each day?
but I quit that job
I moved along
and the moment slipped away

Kind words don't move the earth
but if they can improve your self-worth
why do I let these moments pass me by?
instead I'm quick to judge, quick to blame
quick to criticize, quick to maim
it's hard to change
but I'll try

So maybe it's your best friend
or the next stranger you see
maybe it's your neighbor
maybe it's you
maybe it's me
who needs to hear encouragement
to make it through the day
who needs to hear whatever kind words
you might have to say
it doesn't matter where you're going
or where you have been
right now is the perfect moment
for us to begin
to appreciate each other
in new and different ways
please don't let another golden moment
slip away
appreciate each other
more and more each day
please don't let another golden moment
slip away.


Butler and Bagman said...

Today I will try to live up to your was powerful.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

David Price would surely love you for remembering him.
It's a fragile world and we don't know what lies ahead each day. I thank God for each day as it comes to me. Yes, a smile can make a day sunny for anyone.

Barry said...

So sad when those opportunities pass you by. I know the feeling well having spent a god deal of time doing our family's genealogy and realizing how much more I could have learned by just stopping to talk to family members about their lives a little more.

Si's blog said...

Great post. You have said it so well. Nicely done.

Exmore's mayor died in a car wreck Friday. It was two years to the day after his wife was killed in an accident. Two teen age children. He ran the red light on 13 at Cape Charles. Worked at the Norfolk fire department and came back to Exmore every day.

Did not agree with his politics but certainly did appreciate his contribution to the community. And wish I had known him better. Like so many.

Also. would you please pass by my post for today and tell me what I need to do better. Thanks.

Joanne said...

Sometimes those small regrets, like not giving a few moments, are the greatest regrets. A moving post, thanks for the kind reminder about what matters.

Sarah said...

What a beautiful post!! Life gets so busy, thank you for the heartfelt reminder to stop and say hello. Your words were so touching. Hugs, Sarah

gigi said...

What a beautiful tribute to a fine friend and neighbor. Sorry for your's and Cristfield's loss. I know he is missed. I loved the song. I think we could all use that reminder of how to treat others and the little things we can do.
Enjoyed this a lot.

Zaroga said...

A wonderful tribute to David Price.

Beautiful words to the song. I too let moments slip away.

ROSIDAH said...

What a wonderful tribute to David! He sounds like a good man. May he rest in peace now. I really love this post, Patty. It left a deep impression on me.

Kathryn Magendie said...

52 - my age - damn. so sorry for the loss of David.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hi PATTY; wow, your post WAS powerful!! I totally agree and I am still sitting here letting all those fabulously written words and sentiments flow over me like warm water! How many of us think the same thing as you, we should have taken the time to get to know someone better, but only realize this when it is too late. I have been beating myself up pretty bad this weekend after just finding out that my dear uncle died on Wed., and although I had planned to call him and my aunt all week long to thank them for somethng that they had sent to me, I put it off. And now I won't be able to talk to him again. I should have made that call sooner!!

sorry that I have not been around more this week, life and work is keeping me busier then I expected. I do look back on the weeks that I was layed up with the knee, it was so much quieter and more relaxing inspite of it all! :-) Now I don't always find the time to get onto blogger. I miss everyone when I am away from it. I end up missing out on great posts like this one!! hope all is well there. ciao, Debby

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss & the loss to your community. Mr. Price sounds like the kind of person that one rarely finds in life......
My sympathies to his family!

Chef E said...

:) I only hope someone remembers me the way you honor your towns people...

J9 said...

I agree with you Patty that we need to stop and say even a sweet hello to people we pass. Kindness goes a long way, and the longer I live, the more I realize that life is all about the relationships you build with those around you. You family, your neighbors, your friends.

Maggie May said...

This is just lovely.

Doreen said...

how sad he is gone at such a young age. great tribute to him you have here. this is proof that he made an impact and was a very cool guy.

Gordon said...

Patty, the one drawn was Audrey. I sent her a message on her blog, and asked that she do it as quickly as possible. I have, also, posted a New Post indicating that she is the one.

Linda said...

I really love the words to the song. Thank you for posting it. I even have people I see everyday that I think, ' oh, I'll wait until tomorrow and tell them then how much I appreciate what they did because I'm kind of in a hurry now.' Sometimes tomorrow never comes.
Excellent point! I love the blogs you write which applaud the everyday heroes of Chrisfield. Kudos Patty!

Anonymous said...

I learned of Mr. Price's passing just a couple of hours ago. I'm not from Crisfield, I have spent alot of this Summer, thinking of it as a place to retire. I spoke to Mr. Price for the first time ever, just a week or so before he died. All the things I've read so far about him, I felt in those two brief conversations with him, his willingness to help and his kindness to others... Many of you in Crisfield, were so lucky to have him in your midsts, just think I got a sense of his character with just two brief phone conversations, many of you knew him for a lifetime. Glad, he touched my life too, untimately, I was not able to get into town to finally meet him, shake his hand and thank him for his kindness to me.I am sorry for your loss.

Patty said...

Thank you for your kind words. I know his family will be happy to know that David is also in the thoughts of those who never knew him. It takes a special person to touch people in such a way.

David is missed by all of us here in Crisfield.