Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boating in Crisfield

Motor boat, motor boat,
Putt, putt, putt.
Sailing boat, sailing boat,
Swish, swish, swish.
Big boat, big boat,
Splash, splash, splash.

If you thought the canoe in the previous post was too small, how 'bout this one? We have all sizes, folks. From kayaks to cruise ships, there is always something moving on the water. Come on over and sit a spell on the city dock. You'll be glad you did. Bring that fishing pole, too.


Ann said...

My bro in Australia has a boat like this. He took me out to sea to fish. Sadly I got sea sick, and I never went again.

Boats where I grew up in Borneo were essential transportation tool. Every where we went , we went in boats. chug chug chug, slow and petrol flumes, not very nice.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Sure could do with the sun and the sea. Also, to catch a fish or two!

Anonymous said...

So reminds me of my youth at the family cottage. We had a canoe, sail boat, row boat & a motor boat. We still have all but the canoe & the motor boat is a mid-century "Woody". That is my Uncle's pride & joy!
As always, wonderful photos, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss living by the water. I could sit there for hours watching all of the fun on the sea. I like the guy in the back of this boat,sitting and waving to the camera.

Gordon said...

I'm always ready to go out on the water.
Patty, I have updated my member links. Nenbers who posted the previous week are marked with * by their name.
The numbers 1 and two by names indicate weeks missed. When they reach 3 they are dropped, unless they indicate they are takubg a break.
I think I dropped four or five in my review.

Gordon said...

Also, I can't read Deborah, from Germany's blog. Her background color is too dark. I couldn't tell whether she has posted or not.

Joanne said...

I'd probably bring along a summer novel to read, sitting there on that boat, to go along with its name ;)

Garando said...

I always dreamed of riding in one of these cool boats. So far I've only ridden in tiny canoes used in the Amazon that you usually see in the Discovery channel.

Chef E said...

You convinced me :), as I putter away into the kitchen...

Patty said...

Gordon: catch lots of fish, and post a photo for me.

On Debby's site - it takes a bit to load. It does come up readable, but people with slow connections might have to wait. I think it is her wallpaper. It takes a while with me, and I have high speed.

Chef E: We iz a waitin' in you.

Garando: Amazon canoes are fun, too. It is all how you look at it.

Audrey: The guy in the back is Dan. He is the cool dude who loads the crabs into the shoots for our annual crab races. He has been doing it forever.

Marilyn: Ah, the days at the cottage. For many, those days are long gone. Used to be people could afford a little getaway place. Now, people can hardly afford a place.

The wooded boats are the best, no matter what size they are. We used to have a Loy Craft. I miss that boat. We have a friend who has this beautiful wooden canoe that has been hanging in his garage for 20 years. I tell him to use it. He says he does not want to scratch it up. I liken it to having fine china that you never use. Use it! Enjoy it!

Keats: There is nothing a little sun and sea or bay life to refresh the soul.

Ann: You should try boating again. They have some type of medication for sea sickness. Australia is beautiful. That is our son's favorite vacation spot, and one of his favorite diving places.

Meghan said...

Love reading the comments. The guy in the back of the boat is my Dad. I'm glad to be able to see the picture - looks great. Thanks to whoever took it and posted it!

Patty said...

I took it, Meghan. This is a blog to show off Crisfield in my photos.

Dan is so nice. I have photographed him the past two years for the newspaper (at the crab races), and I see him at the American Legion and Elks Lodge.

I was looking at a photo book the other day on the history of Crisfield, and there he was all those years ago, loading crabs into the shoots for the race.

I know the owner of the boat, John, who is driving. I forgot to mention his name. Nice boat, John and Bonnie.