Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bill Buttrill, Master Plumber

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”
~ Kahlil Gibran

Lately, I have been highlighting some of the people who make our little town "special."

Since the sudden loss of one of our prominent citizens, I have taken more time to stop and photograph the people in our town, even when a rush.

I wish I had more time introducing Crisfield and its wonderful people to the world. One day I will set up professional web page. There is so much to photograph and so much to say.

Now, about Bill Buttrill. Bill is a Master Plumber who begin his apprenticeship in Baltimore, Maryland in 1976, getting his master's license in 1983.

Bill, and his wife, Joy, volunteer at events, giving back to the community in abundance.

On Saturday, I came home from shooting 3 assignments and found Bill working on our outdoor faucet (it was old and corroded and had been leaking for some time).

Though I had a deadline getting my photos to the newspaper, I took time to take several photos of Bill. I did not want the moment to slip away.

After Bill have completed the job, we got out checkbook out to pay. Bill would have none of it. He said it was his gift to us for the blog.

So here is Bill hard at work.

It was extremely hot on that day, and there was not much room to get to the well under the back porch. Bill not only replaced the faucet, he installed a shut-off valve to the house and another for the faucet.

Just look at how organized he is! A place for everything and everything its place.

Another view of the inside of his "Oh, so neat" work truck. Click to enlarge.

Bill and his helper.

Take that phone number down. You never know when this blog will entice you to move to Crisfield. You might need a plumber.

Bill bought a new work truck over a year ago, and what a truck it is! He is a true patriot, too. Oh, and living on the bay, we have high winds that rip flags to shreds in no time. Who do you think makes sure we have fresh flags flying at the entrance to the city? Yep. Bill replaces both the American and POW flags with his own money.

Thanks, Bill. You are a gem of man, and a A-1 plumber.

And here is Joy, working the strawberry booth at a festival.

“Making a contribution to others enhances the length of our own lives, our immune functions, our mental health and our spiritual well being.” ~ Douglas Lawson from his book Giving to Live

Thanks to both Joy and Bill for all their volunteer work!


Joanne said...

Patty, I wouldn't be surprised if your blog enticed people to move to Crisfield, or to visit at the very least. I'd never heard of Crisfield before I found your blog, and now feel like I'm actually a virtual resident! Bill seems like a gem of a plumber, you're lucky to have him there in Crisfield.

Gordon said...

Patty The My Town Member List is up to date. Thanks, Gordon
Hope you had a relaxing day.

gigi said...

This was a wonderful post. I am so impressed with how organized Bill is! I love the back panel on his truck. Bill rocks!

Patience-please said...

Your posts are all delightful, but this one is especially so.
Thank you!

Zaroga said...

I do enjoy the character of your town. I used to live many years ago at Ft. Story VA. I don't recall going through this town, but may have... so many years ago it is just too hard to remember. One day we will get up that way again and I will make sure I visit.

Sarah Lulu said...

Isn't Bill's truck amazing!?!?!?!

And Bill's helper is GORGEOUS!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Kudos to Bill and his wife! It's a person with a big heart to give of oneself.

Butler and Bagman said...

Having practically destroyed the space under my kitchen sink over the years, I could sure use a master plumber!!! Nice bioraphy

Linda said...

If I moved to Crisfield, I could buy a house with bad plumbing because I know Bill is on the job. The people of Crisfield are wonderful!

How does 'textures' sound for a theme for July 10th? You told me the 10th did you mean the 3rd? If it's the 3rd, "patriotism" might be more appropriate. Let me know.

Janet Delaney said...

That's the Bill I have known for many years and proud to call hime a friend. Janet of Peterborough

Ann said...

How big is Crisfield? It seems to have so many good people, not lost to the big bad city.

willow said...

Wow! That is the coolest plumber's truck ever! Wish he lived in my neck of the woods. Is there anything he can't fix?

Nature's Sound said...

I just love those two!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

dear patty,
i hope you wont mid if i link you up in my facebook site. i got good friends who are fascinated while some are engaged in photo shoot outs back here.. your are truly an inspiration.. pls keep it up.. you're always enlightening my cold days here in mississauga.. miss you!