Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tall ship Harvey Gamage in Cape Charles, VA

The Harvey Gamage Photo, Tall Ships at Cape Charles festival

The Harvey Gamage was built in South Bristal, Maine, one my favorite places, by master-builder Harvey Gamage in 1973. Gamage had opened his shipbuilding business in 1924, building more than 250 vessels.

The Ocean Classroom Foundation, based out of Boothbay Harbor, another one of my favorite places (who could not love Maine?) bought the 125 ft. schooner in 1996. The floating classroom takes students on both day and month long adventures, one being a five-thousand mile journey, taking several weeks.

I caught up with the Harvey Gamage in Cape Charles, VA, one of my new 'favorite places.' Though her sails were already half put to bed, I did manage to get some docking photos.

If you love tall ships, mark your calendars to be in Cape Charles, June 8-12 for the Tall Ships at Cape Charles festival. The Parade of Sails, a six-hour procession will be held on June 12, 2012. I will be there for the big event. If anyone has room on a chase boat, please email me at:

More photos:

Ship's dingy checks out dock:

 Mates prepare to for docking:

Spectators gather around the dock (Cape Charles has a beautiful dock - nice restaurant now being built - as of April 2012).

This spectator takes photos from his bike:

 What is a ship without spectator pirates?

 An osprey keeps careful watch:

And of course, what is a docking without an official greeting? A Cape Charles worker hands a basket of welcome goodies to the captain.

Fair sailings, my friends.

Oh, don't forget the Cape Charles Crabby Blues Festival: May 5, 2012. I will be there!


Jackie said...

Patty, your photographs are always spectacular ones. Since my Daddy is was a sailor, (US Navy) I will always have a love of boats and ships. He has a special fondness for sailboats. These are lovely shots.

Jane Hubbard said...

Absolutely beautiful photos of the Harvey Gamage! My son is on the ship right now and they are making their way to Cape Charles as we speak. Should be there sometime tomorrow! :)