Monday, April 2, 2012

Maryland scooter law

Berwyn Heights Police Department, Maryland
"Getting around used to be a chore; now it is a luxury."

Once upon a time, not too long ago, this was my ride:

Besides my cruising bicycle, this is my ride today:

Both my husband and I ride scooters and bikes for pleasure. Crisfield is the perfect place for biking - nice and flat, like I like it. We also take our bikes, and sometimes our scooters, when we travel. If you live in Maryland, plan on moving to, or visiting Maryland, and plan on buying yourself some fun wheels, the below link may be of interest to you.

The Berwyn Heights Police Department in Berwyn Heights, Maryland.  has a virtual cornucopia of information. I like information. A well informed public is not only a smarter public, they are are safer public.

Below is one of the little gems that I found at the Berwyn Heights Police Department. Click chart to be taken directly to the Berwyn Heights/Maryland law scooter site.

Kudos to whoever did the Berwyn Heights web page. And thank you to Chief Ken Antolik who gave me permission to link and use the information. I may visit and showcase your town in photos in one day.


Please note that changes in the laws are in the wind. To keep abreast of the laws as they change, bookmark the Berwyn Heights link, and check back frequently.

Stay safe, and always wear a helmet. 

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