Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sittin' in traffic in Salisbury, Maryland

Wreck in Salisbury, Maryland
"Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true." ~ Jacques-Henri Lartigue

When caught in traffic due to a wreck, a photographer has two choices: one is to park your car, grab your camera, and whip out your press credentials and get the scoop, or grab your camera and take a snap from the safety of your car. Getting the scoop requires not only talking to police but doing follow-ups to make sure your facts are right before posting. And even in retirement, we feel a need to pass the info on to a reputable news organization.

In this computer age anyone can make a post on a whim, but professional journalists and photographers don't have the luxury of posting hear-say. You buy newspapers and listen to and watch news broadcasts because you know that writers have checked sources.

So not wanting to get involved, but not being able to pass up a photo, I snapped this for some future viewer who will one day see this photo online and say, "Wow! Back in the old days you could buy regular gas for under $4 a gallon." After all, this is a "photo" blog.

I did snap a photo of the wreck, that was on the other side of the fire engine, but, as I said, I don't have the facts.

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Jackie said...

Yes...I smile at the price of gasoline in this photo.
Have you noticed? Gas prices dropped a wee bit this past week. What's with that??!! Why don't they drop even lower? Sigh.
Always the photographer, you are...and I'm glad!