Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rome, Italy market skyline and photo tip...

Rome, Italy skyline and photo tip
Some viewers may wonder why I cut the wheels off the bike in this photo. Sometimes you gotta shoot fast. Like all professional photographers, even when on vacation, I always have one hand clasp around a camera, forefinger near the 'on' button, and thumb near the 'clicker.' Turning back to see where we have just come from is another habit of photographers - Did we miss anything? Oftentimes, we get some of our best shots by looking back. Though this is certainly not one of them, I did capture what was not there a second before.

When I turned around and saw the guy cruising through this small market on his bike, I made a snap judgement that the biker with the skyline showing the angels of the buildings was a much better shot than cutting off the tops of the buildings and sending the viewer into the crowd by lowering my camera to catch the wheels.  Besides, nothing special about a bunch of people meandering around a market, no matter where it is. Something needs to be happening. 

The bike gave the photo just enough spice; the eyes are diverted to the statue and then to the skyline. Had I had time to step back a few feet or change cameras, I could have captured the whole picture, but had I done that, the bike would have been in a different spot, someone could have walked in front of me, or the biker could have been looking in the opposite direction.


Lew said...

The world seldom stands still for a photograph! And I have almost learned to check the heads of all the people in a group shot, especially when small kids are involved.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Love the photo and the description of the scene. I have a habit of leaving my finger on the power button and my thumb on the dial, but I'm still learning to look behind me. I shall definitely make more of a conscious effort.