Saturday, April 14, 2012

Assateague Lighthouse, and how not to take a photo...

Assateague Lighthouse
The lighthouse is great. The photo is not. Why? Keep reading.

This beautiful lighthouse is near Chincoteague and Assateague Beach in Virginia. It is a short hike to the lighthouse, and well worth the trip.

Photo tip: When taking photos of people where you want to show the environment, bring the person up-close to the camera and position them to the left or right of the scene you want to capture. My husband took this photo with one of my cameras; he wanted the lighthouse, and while I was walking he told me to turn around, and as I did, he snapped this good example of how never to take a photo. It reminds me of some of my old family vacation photos where you need a magnifying glass to see who is in the photo - Was that me at the Grand Canyon at age 6, or just a rock? Maybe that's why I became a photographer.


eileeninmd said...

Great shot, I love lighthouses. And Chincoteague/Assateague is my favorite place to visit.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the photo tip.
I'm always learning...