Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two skies for Sunday

fall leaves in Maryland
We were riding around on the property where we hang out a lot these days, and stopped the car to enjoy the view. It was actually getting dark in the spot where we had stopped, but the last of the day's sun had set the treetops aflame as it slipped behind the old-growth blue spruce pines that shadowed us like trench-coated characters in a film noir movie. The sky was a blue/diamond white, the kind photographers wish weren't so blinding.  I had to make a few quick camera adjustments in order to pull out the details in the tree trunks and the section of white fence. The white fence surrounds a tiny grave from long-ago. There is a bench beside it for meditation. There is another grave-site on the property that is surrounded by an old ornate iron fence.

The below photo was taken earlier in the day, out the driveway and around the bend.

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Lew said...

Nice to see the trees in color. Ours do not have much yet.