Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Remember when?

Gas sign
I have tried to stay away from politics on this blog. There are plenty of non-professional news bloggers (meaning they have no journalism degree, and therefore don't have a clue about professional moaning and groaning - there is an art to it, obtainable only by a degree), so I figure people have all the outlets they need in the whining department. But since I no longer carry a banner, an old newspaper term, I thought I would post this photo, taken several weeks ago at a long-abandoned gas station, and add that I recently bought gas for $3.23 a gallon. People were almost dancing in the streets when it dropped that low. So, here is my political statement: Hey, gas is still $2.00 too high. If anyone remembers the 1979 oil crises that ended in 1980, they may not remember that after the oil crises, oil prices began a 20-year decline. I think, if we drive less, we can see gas go as low as $2.23 a gallon, which will still be $1.00 too high. But we can do it. I personally, am tired of paying $125.00 for groceries that, before the oil prices started going up, cost me $70.00. Oil is tied to everything. So buy less, drive less, and watch the oil prices come down.

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