Monday, October 17, 2011

Haunted Hallways at Woodson Elementary in Crisfield, October 20, 6pm-8pm

Haunted Hallways at Woodson Elementary in Crisfield

I love Halloween, and in my career I have covered many "haunted" events. The folks at Woodson do a spooktacular job, and no matter where you live, it's worth the drive, but get there early because lines are long.  Admission is $2 for the spooky side and $2 for the not-so-scary side (for little kids).  And if you are so inclined, you can pay more, because the money goes back into the school. That is my suggestion, not theirs. Adults get a kick out the event, and many dress up, so put on your favorite disguise: Dracula, pirate, knight-in-shining-armor, fairy godmother, angel, Angry Birds - Wheee! - and enjoy a Halloween event in Crisfield.

Below are some photos from last year. You know you want to go!

Looks like this little girl wandered into the wrong room.

Even the officers of the Crisfield City Police Department enjoyed the evening. Um? That character on the floor looks mighty suspicious.

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