Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rowlesburg, WV - travel tip

Rowlesburg, WV, Szilagyi Center for the Visual and Performing Arts
I love it when a town takes something old and makes something not only useful out of it, but something educational and inspirational. I don't like to see history destroyed and replaced with a shiny building.  A town that works together certainly grows together, and Rowlesburg, WV, is a fine example of hard work and community pride.  I met some of the movers and shakers, and members of the revitalization committee, and was impressed at their excitement over the growth of their little corner of the world. Rowlesburg is quite a ways from the big-city life, so they have created their own magic, complete with a WWII museum and a performing arts center. I think what amazed me most about Rowlesburg is the population  - 600, give or take a few. 

The old school, built in 1910, and deemed uninhabitable for students after the great flood of 1985, houses a WWII exhibit that would please  a Smithsonian historian.  Inside you will also find a sports exhibit, B&O railroad exhibit (railroad exhibit is on loan, so check dates before you go), quilting room, cafe, and pottery and art studio. Located next to the main entrance is the Szilagyi Center for the Visual and Performing Arts. Visitors to the area are likely to stumble upon anything from bluegrass to opera. In the works, a library and computer lab for classes and Internet access. In addition to that, the old school gym/auditorium and kitchen are available for events. Office space is also available. Events are nicely spaced throughout the year to coincide with the seasons and holidays.

Here is sneak peak of WWII exhibit. It is totally awesome. A must-see.  No detail was spared. I shot these photos with available light.

 You'll have to go to see the rest.

 ~ ~ ~

One little peak at sports museum...

  ~ ~ ~

The cafe, not open at the time,  was readying for a festival. The ladies did provide me with some unsweetened tea, homemade, of course.

 ~ ~ ~
Lots of little surprises as you wander around the town. They also have a beautiful park on the river and other little jewels you will have to discover for yourself.

I was told by a couple  who had rented a weekend room above this cute little shop, where I naturally bought several items, that the upstairs is complete with kitchen. Call number on signage for info.

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