Saturday, October 8, 2011

Orange Blosson Special, kind of...

Orange Blossom Special, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers

I thought I would use these casual train photos, not exactly the Orange Blossom, to accompany this You Tube video of Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. You can't see fiddle player Nicky Sanders too well, but it is wonder his arm did not fly off while playing this song. Smokingly hot. Also congrats to Steve Martin and his touring band for taking home the Entertainers of the Year award at the 2011 International Bluegrass Music Awards, held in Nashville. More of the their songs can be heard on You Tube. If you like Bluegrass like I do, their songs are must-haves.

Video posted by MSkoning. Check out more of his vids.

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Anonymous said...

Love them train photos, and the Oakland station!