Friday, April 29, 2011

Somerset County, Maryland Minutes of Meetings Now Online

Somerset County, Maryland Minutes of Meeting Now Online

An open letter to Somerset County Commissioners:

Honorable Commissioners and  Exec. Ms. Ward:

Kudos to all those involved in greatly adding to the transparency of our County Government by posting all minutes on the County website.  Excellent,, just excellent.  Now our residents/voters have the opportunity of following the governmental process even though their busy schedules don’t afford the opportunity of attending the County meetings.  The website availability of the minutes is very intuitive and also user friendly.

Again.., thanks so much for making this happen.

Dan Kuebler

~ ~ ~ 

I, too, would like to thank our commissioners. Our county has a informative website that includes contacts for agencies, commissioners, and other officials, as well as links to all things Somerset County. This addition  makes it all the better. Kudos to the web designers for making the site user-friendly.  Visit Somerset County online. For up-to-date minutes of meetings click here.

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