Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great Hope Golf Course in Westover, near Crisfield

Great Hope Golf Course near Crisfield

We have a great little golf course in Westover, just a short drive from Crisfield. I have met many people from big cities who enjoy playing the course because it is not as crowded as those in larger cities. Want a nice relaxing day of golf without the hassle? Call Great Hope today - 410.651.5900 or visit their website.  There, you can get all the info you need, including a hole by hole layout.

Not a fan of golf? Everyone is welcome to enjoy lunch at the  Caddyshack restaurant. A fan of golf, but don't know anything about it? Lessons are available from pro-golfer Tim Brittingham.

Stay tuned for photos from a "Day on Great Hope."  Or just come on down (up, or over, depending on where you live) and make your own "day." Be sure and visit Crisfield while you are in the area.

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