Thursday, January 20, 2011

Orange County Chamber of Commerce visits Crisfield Chamber

Orange County Chamber of Commerce visits Crisfield
After the bet between the two Chambers on the Army Navy game (we won), the owners of the Sweet Shoppe, being  good sports, sent a Smith Island cake to the Orange County Chamber in New York, located a stones throw from the famous Orange County Choppers known for their custom motorcycles; bike lovers know them for their long-running show that airs on the Discovery Channel.

I am way late in posting this due to all the happenings in Crisfield along with the demise and rebirth of my computer. If you want to go back in time to get the whole story about how this came about here are a few links:

 The beginning

Orange County accepts the wager

The bet is on

Sweet Shoppe owner Cheryl Tull holds up the Chamber's cake before packing it for deliverly.

The Chamber's cake was one of 40 awaiting pickup that day.

Meanwhile, back in Crisfield, Chamber Board members were enjoying apple muffins, New York's state muffin, from Orange County bakery Biscuit's and Frisbie's Wholesome Bakery.


 For those of you who did not read the links provided above, the Smith Island cake is our state dessert, hence the bet on sweets. Our Sweet Shoppe provided 4,000 mini-Smith Island cakes for the Naval Academy's Spirit Week.

After members of the Orange County Chamber got a taste of our mouth-watering 10-layered state cake, vice-president Dan O'Brien and his wife Edith wanted one for Christmas, but Christmas was only two days away. What to do? Drive to Crisfield, of course!
Below are a few photos from their visit.

From left:  Dan and Edith hold a copy of the Crisfield-County Times with wager story on front page as they pose with Chamber director Valerie Howard and out-going president John Phoebus.

Our guests came bearing gifts - local wines!

Dan and his wife received crab necklaces.

I didn't have much time that day, but I gave Dan and Edith a driving tour around town that included some of our lovely homes, Small Boat Harbor, Jenkins Creek, and Ward Brother's workshop. Of course, no visit to Crisfield would be complete with a stop at Gordon's. It is legendary.

Crisfield loves company, and at Gordon's all you have to do in say Hello to draw to crowd. Here, we introduce our visitors to a postal worker. It was good day for a cup of coffee.

A city worker welcomes our guests.

Paul Ward, past-county commissioner joins in on the fun.

A diner greets our New York visitors.

A Smith Islander poses with our guests.

Employees at Gordon's, shown rear, join in on the photo-fun.

From Gordon's...

to the Sweet Shoppe.

Dan and Cheryl chat. 

Cheryl holds a plate of New York apple muffins.

An employee gives them a try. Yummy!

After Dan and Edith left the Sweet Shoppe with two Smith Island cakes, John and Val treated them to crab cakes and oysters at The Cove.

And so that is the end to this long running story of how a little bet led to our meeting new friends and Chamber members from afar. We hope you enjoyed your short stay and that you will return to Crisfield. I know a lot of us would like to visit Orange County in the future.

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