Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crabby Crab promotes Crisfield in Rome, Italy

Crabby Crab promotes Crisfield at the Coliseum  in Rome, Italy

If you are a new reader to this blog, you may not be familiar with Crabby Crab. He is my blog mascot and promoter of Crisfield when I/we have time. He was born during a "My Town" Friday shoot-out assignment. I, along with another blogger, created the "My Town" shoot-out in early 2009. The purpose? To come up with a different assignment each week and have participants show of their towns in photos. I eventually created the Friday My Town Shoot-Out blog that I have since passed on to capable hands. Thanks, Doreen, for keeping it going. Though I am still the registered administrator of the FSO blog, I no longer participate because "my town" keeps me very busy. Ironic, isn't it? 

Where was I? I usually don't chatter on so much, but it is a good way to avoid editing photos on a tiny screen. Oh, yes. The assignment for the week Crabby Crab first appeared was an "open" assignment, something we did often. I incorporated "signs" into that assignment. Want to see Crabby Crab's first post? Click here.

With my recent computer problems (you have to read my last post for that story), I dug the above Rome photos out of an external hard-drive. Many people have emailed wanting to see my recent Rome photos; they will be posted in the future once I have time to edit them, but they will be found on my alternate blog.

BTW:  Crabby met another Maryland crab on the plane and they got married in the City of Love. Those photos coming at some point - just for fun. We like to have fun in Crisfield, and I like to have fun on this blog. Besides, Crabby Crab loves to tell everyone about Crisfield! He had a great time spreading the word in both Vegas and New York. Now all of Roma knows of Crisfield!