Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crisfield Heritage Foundation annual banquet

Crisfield Heritage Foundation annual banquet
Last month I covered the annual Crisfield Heritage Foundation banquet. Below are a few photos from that event. I want to thank all of the board members, members, and supporters of the foundation. They provide visitors with opportunities to enjoy the rich history of Crisfield. The foundation also works tirelessly  to protect and preserve the history that is unique to our area. They also run many programs and have partnered with Road Scholar. During the summer months, visitors to the foundation's  online site can enjoy the crab-cam (available during summer months because our crabs go to bed when it gets cold). Of course, if you are in the area you can pop into the Tawes Museum's and see the crab shanty up-close and personal. The museum is full of artifacts and facts, and is a great place to begin your visit when arriving in Crisfield.

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Oh, always time for a little fun...

And thank you for the "thank you" and the lovely flowers. It is always a pleasure showing off the wonderful people who work so hard behind the scenes. Tim, you got too close for this photo.

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