Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wheels That Heal

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Here are three photos that I took while shooting Wheels that Heal on the Waterfront. We had some wonderful cars on display and it was a great evening for a stroll along Main Street and the city dock. Thanks to the The Crisfield Area Chamber of Commerce and the Wheels That Heal Car Club of Salisbury for a job well done.

You can see the bay in the rear. What a wonderful place I live in!

Can I get fries with that?

Captured this guy riding down the street. He was here to help with renovations on a church. All the way from another state - not sure which state - I was on the run. But I thought that was so nice of him volunteering his time.


Marilyn said...

What a great post!! Love vintage cars!! (probably cause' I'm vintage!!)

bARE-eYED sUN said...

wait, the gentleman came all the way from some other state on a bicycle? to renovate? a car?

jez kiddin', Patty.


you DO live in a great place, one that's on my PLACES TO VISIT list

thanks for the post, luv


~JarieLyn~ said...

I love vintage cars too. Yes, it does look like you live in a wonderful place.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

I love vintage cars too and we often have "old timer" ralleys here and I just love to see vintage car after vintage car driving down the highways, one more beautiful then the other. What is so great about them, is that someone loved that car so much that they took car of it so that it COULD last all these years, and now it is pretty much a one of a kind! You gotta love that. Great post, Patty. Hope your days are easing up and you are able to enjoy the summer a bit. Things are good here, we are glad when our campground is hopping, means that business is good!! I have been slipping away once in a while to find some moments to myself, so here I am!! :-) thinkin' of ya, Debby

Michelle said...

I love all the bright colors in the first shot.

gigi said...

If we ever retire we should do so there in Cristfield! Yall do so many fun things how could anyone get bored in your town?

Simon Schempp said...

Vintage lovin’! I love the car in the first photo. I love how they colored it with chalky black and still made it look charming and classic. But I think it would appear more sophisticated if it’s glossy. =)

Kerstin Shed said...

like the first car too, Simon! But for me, it looks lovely just the way it is. :’> It exudes a different and magnetic appeal that gives an impression of a cab from some fairytale world. Hihi!