Friday, August 14, 2009

Alabama Discovery Research Vessel

Those of you who have followed my blog know I have posted photos of several boats made by Chesapeake Boat Builders located in our little town. They build custom boats for companies, theme parks, and individuals all over the world. You just might have one of their boats in your area.

I have threatened to stow away on one of their boats; especially the one that was sailed from Crisfield to its new home in the Virgin Islands. But, pardon the pun, I missed the boat.

The below vessel caught my eye when it was just a shell in their shop.

Today I spied it sitting in the water. It's a research vessel that is going to be sailed from Crisfield to Alabama. Now if I could just figure out the art of 'stowaway.' Any suggestions?

If you don't hear from me for a week, you know where I'll be. Um? I wonder if they will put me out at the next port or be excited about having a photographer aboard?

"Photographer Will Work For Food on Research Vessel."


Linda said...

I won't be telling anyone where you have disappeared. A pirate's life for you then matey! Don't be forgetting your parrot and bottle 'o rum... yo ho,ho!

J9 said...

I know research vessels really do have interns aboard, so you could say you are an intern and work the ship!

Si's blog said...

Neat! What are they going to research? If it will look for the CSS Alabama, that would be fascinating. While you are interning on it, will you continue to blog?

Just looked it up on Wikipedia, the USS Kearsarge sunk the CSS Alabama of Cherbourg. That would be a good place to go do research.

crablawyer said...


Thank you. Every time I drove by David's and saw the "R/V" on the side of the boat, I've meant to stop by or call him and ask him what it stood for. I know that "F/V" stands for Fishing Vessel, but I had never seen the "R/V" on a boat before. Now I know. Thanks!

Oz Girl said...

That seems like it could be quite fascinating, a research vessel! I think they might keep you, surely they will need a photographer?! :)

Patty said...

Si: Not sure. Maybe I will find out. Wink, wink. I will check out the CSS Alabama. You are quite a history buff.

Crabylawyer: Glad I added to your memory bank. Confession: They told me what kind of boat it was going to be when I took the shell photo.

Oz Girl: Anytime - anywhere, girl. High seas, jungles of Cambodia - I love my little town, but I sure miss shooting adventurous assignments.

gigi said...

That sure is a bright blue. What if they wanted you to be the boat chef?

Anonymous said...

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