Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crisfield Sunset

The Hill -- the Afternoon --
Squirrel -- Eclipse -- the Bumble bee --
Nay -- Nature is Heaven --
Nature is what we hear --
The Bobolink -- the Sea --
Thunder -- the Cricket --
Nay -- Nature is Harmony --
Nature is what we know --
Yet have no art to say --
So impotent Our Wisdom is
To her Simplicity.
~ Emily Dickinson

Gosh, Emily forgot to add a Crisfield sunset. I captured it for you. Is that relaxing?

What do you see in nature in your part of the world?


Linda said...

Emily Dickinson writes such expressive poetry of course, but the simplicity of your Crisfield sunset is very relaxing and oh, so gorgeous! I was kind of hoping the sun would never set on Crisfield. Beautiful post, Patty and thanks for the photography tips!

Anonymous said...

First to comment! Yay!

I just did a few nature shots, cool.

I like how the branch is holding the light.

REDLAN said...

I really love watching sunset. Thanks for sharing your place serenity. Thanks for the comment too Patty. I really appreciate it. I keep on reading your posts tomorrow. It's still working day here today.

I can't stop reading your blog. It makes me relax and know more about Maryland and the opposite world. Keep it up.

willow said...

I'm lovin' that golden sunset!

Zaroga said...

Yes, very relaxing :-) also very beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Sunsets ARE so relaxing, especially if you aren't regretting that you don't have you camera along! :)

Jama said...

This is a beautiful photo, totally relaxed me right now.

Butler and Bagman said...

If I was any more relaxed I couldn't push the send key.

Sarah said...

Beautiful and very relaxed now thank you! Love the always! Namaste, Sarah

gigi said...

Awesome and "Relaxing"

Sara Williams said...

Lovely sunset x

Sara Williams said...

Lovely sunset x

Doreen said...

sunsets and sunrises are the best aren't they? very pretty! what I see in nature is what a wonder is all is and I always thank God for giving us all this beauty.

Doreen said...

sunrises and sunsets are the best! very pretty Patty!

Doreen said...

sunrises and sunsets are the best! very pretty Patty!

Barry said...

Not all sunsets are relaxing, but this certainly is.

Beautiful picture Patty!

Good night Crisfield, sleep tight!

Oz Girl said...

Gorgeous Crisfield sunset. I do so love sunsets. Such a relaxing time of day.

Noelle said...

Your photos make me want to come to Crisfield. I love seeing your town. Beautiful, Patty - just beautiful. :)