Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crisfield's 62nd Annual Hard Crab Derby

Crisfield crab Derby

Once again, I have to remind everyone that I can not help with vacation information for 2012. I will be out of Crisfield on and off most of the season, covering other events that will be sure to please my viewers. Like most of you, I make my plans early. This 2012 Labor Day weekend, I will be at the Gaylord National Resort at National Harbor, MD, enjoying Abbey Road on the River, a Beatles tribute festival. More that 75 bands from around the world will be performing. Dates: August 30 - September 3. Five days of peace, love, and rock-n-roll. How could I not? Check it out here.

2011 Schedule

Where will you be Labor Day weekend? If you have not made your plans to attend Crab Derby held at Somers Cove Marina, do so now. The fun begins on September 4, and runs through September 6.

Actually, the event is kicked off a little earlier with the crowning of our Crustacean royalties. Below are two photos taken last year. I have had the privilege of photographing the winners at events throughout the year. Good luck to all the contestants participating in Crisfield's Miss Crustacean Pageant this year, and to the contestants in the Little Miss and Mr. Crustacean contest. Last year's contestants are not forgotten. You were all magnificent. Kudos to the organizers of the pageant.

Then we have a parade - I am going to make you visit to see the floats.

On to the crab cooking contest held at the First Baptist Church on Somerset Avenue. Want to be part of the audience? Just show up or give a call. You get to do a little taste testing. People really know how to cook around these parts!

If you have never been to a crab race you can't miss the. If you live in the US, your state will have a crab running in your state's name. I can't remember which state won last year, but I will post the winner this year. So be looking to see if your state can handle a Maryland crab. After the Governor's Race, members of the audience race their own crabs (you can purchase them on site) for prizes. It is a real hoot!

Putting the crabs in the shoots

The race is on!

Wanna race? Come on down and get a number.

Are you ready for a crab picking contest?

How does a boat docking contest sound? It is F-U-N! Watermen get to show off their skills in their working boats and compete for big prize money. Get your tickets now!

Good luck to all of our waterman this year. You are all very much appreciated.

And don't forget the music...

And the rides...

Did I miss anything? YES! The Crisfield Idol contest, arts and crafts, Crisfield Lions Club swim meet, skiff races, arm wrestling, and more so much more! And don’t forget all the great food. To map out your 'plan of fun' (we don't want you to miss anything) click on 2011 schedule at top of post. Tickets? Call the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce: 800.782.3913.

Now, for you boaters. I was teasing Suzanne who works at Somers Cove Marina that we were going to take our boat out of the marina and rent out our slip. Just kidding, I remind you. However, the marina is filling up and I hear there is already a waiting list. So call now if you are planning on coming by boat. And come by and visit us. We are on 'C' pier. Just ask anyone in the office which boat belongs to the photographer. I just might take your photo. Of course, if you see a photographer wearing a straw hat, running around with cameras - that would be me!


J9 said...

It sounds like so much fun packed into the event, seriously a don't miss event! Oh, and the shot of the rides is excellent!

gigi said...

I'm still wishing and wanting to come :)

Patty said...

Come on Gigi. You will have a great time!

Kathy in CA said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Butler and Bagman said...

Does the winner of the crab race get to be thrown back? Love the skills of the boatman. Bagman, visiting briefly from either Alaska or Africa where he hanging out with Dorothea enjoyed the Miss Crustacean pictures most.

MDme said...

Now that center picture looks like a real bowl of cream of crab soup! Not the flour-thickened bisque garbage with sherry added that most restuarants now serve. Am I right?

Patty said...

Butler and Bagman: No. The winner gets cooked along with all the others. They all end up in the crab picking contest. I think the winner should have a grand parade down to the water with musicians and be delivered back to the bay. People could join in and toot noisemakers. It would add a whole new dimension to the event. But I am not paid to think, just take photos. The boat docking contest is fascinating. So glad Bagman is back. I did not get one postcard from him while he was away. And Dorothea still has not shown up.

MDme: Yes. That is 'real' crab soup. I watched it being made. The cooking contest is something else to see. I was there for several hours, shooting the event. I have a steadfast rule that when I am working I never eat, even when I have finished shooting. That was one time I almost broke my rule. But I didn't!