Sunday, August 9, 2009

Goldsborough's Marine

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I snapped this last week while waiting to shoot an assignment. I used to enjoy shooting welding photos. Each shot is always different.

This photo was taken at Goldsborough's Marine in Crisfield. They have been around since 1971.

The man behind the mask? Phillip Goldsborough.


gigi said...

We have welders at our shop. I've never thought about taking pictures there. Thanks for the idea Patty :)

bARE-eYED sUN said...

hi Patty,

this shot is okay, we were amazed that we could see the crossweave (thread) on Phil's shirt. ye've a steady hand, huh?

the little girl at the lemonade stand is ABSOLUTELY beautiful, and your shot of her stirring the pitcher is priceless - - - great shot for an ad, dont'cha think?


finally, we love rusty old things, so you KNOW that we liked the rusty boat with its avian passenger on the 8th.

good work. :-)

thanks again, Patty.


Linda said...

Hi Patty, The question girl is here.
Welders wear special glasses. The light is bright. Do you need special glasses when you photograph welding? I'm curious.

I love the colours in the lemonade picture. They are perfect for the subject and the time of year. Did you use any filters? Is it all natural light? Or more to the point, do photographers share this kind of information?
Fantastic work! xoxo

Patty said...

Gigi: Looking forward to see your welding photos. If I miss them, shoot me an email.

bARE-eYED sUN: Glad you like Phillip's shirt. It is detailed. The girl is as sweet as her lemonade. Thanks.

You are great advertising for Crisfield, too. That would make a great ad.

Linda: No special glasses for me for welding photos. Sometimes I wish I had them when I accidentally flash my powerful flash off in my face.

On the lemonade girl, that was a rush job, as I was in a big hurry to get to an assignment. I took a few quick photos, not paying much attention to my settings. I felt like the colors were a bit washed out and, had I had more time, I would a made a few more adjustments. No filters. And I would be happy to share any photog tips. Just ask!

Barry said...

There is a beauty to even industrial photos, and you've clearly captured it here.

Jim said...

I just popped in from Rebecca's MidWeek Blues. I did one also, just for her.
We have some welding to be done, I hadn't thought of a marine repair and maintenance facility. There are a lot of those around here.
This is good pose for 'work in progress.' I can not figure out what he is welding on, did you ask?

Patty said...

Thanks Barry.

Jim: Welcome to Crisfield. I will just pop on over to your site to see your welding photo.