Monday, August 24, 2009

The Last Days of Summer

The last days of summer, at least as far as school goes. Some of us still have the heat to contend with for several more weeks. But like these young people, who were enjoying a relaxing day at the beach before going back to school and work, we can all find creative ways to cool off.

How do you cool off on hot days?

St. Martin's Summer

As swallows turning backward
When half-way o'er the sea,
At one word's trumpet summons
They came again to me -
The hopes I had forgotten
Came back again to me.

I know not which to credit,
O lady of my heart!
Your eyes that bade me linger,
Your words that bade us part -
I know not which to credit,
My reason or my heart.

But be my hopes rewarded,
Or be they but in vain,
I have dreamed a golden vision,
I have gathered in the grain -
I have dreamed a golden vision,
I have not lived in vain.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson


Si's blog said...

School starting and the sunrise coming later, autumn is coming. But it is still hot and summery. Autumn will be here quickly, eager for it.

Anonymous said...

Our schools start here this Wed. My niece is a senior this year... Where do the years go?!?!?
At least it will be quiet for the day while the "little darlings" are at school!
Autumn?? Looking forward to it?? Not so much!! On the heel of Fall is Winter..... :-( Can be savage here in the mountains!!

Butler and Bagman said...

What a great picture!! The two sunbathers are congruent. Not to mention the vivid color.

Hilltop House said...

The photos on your website are amazing...I loved looking through them all.