Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Remember the Old Swimming Hole From Your Youth?

Around here, we have the bay...Come on down and cool off, bay style. It will put the 'kid' back in you.

Tom Sawyer would have loved Crisfield.


REDLAN said...

I love summer very much but I never had a chance to dive. I missed that kind of memory. Thanks for sharing your place. I am excited to know more about maryland and all seasons. It's all in here. Keep it up @ Patty.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid we went to a place called Forkston Creek.... There were rapids & huge bolders & we had a ball!! (Our parents were always with us!)
Great Post!!
Hugs & Smiles,

Butler and Bagman said...

Perfectly caught moments. Don't you just love the new cameras that shoot 4.5 frames a second -- although I'll bet yours is even faster.

Gordon said...

That looks like relaxation to me! Good stuff!

A Scattering said...

Love the second photo - the whole suspended animation thingy going on! I really miss Geoff and Gray and will get Gray moving again as soon as I get home on the weekend.

gigi said...

How cool is that last picture> You are so good :)