Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Things, One Important:

This boat going down the main road in my town is to remind everyone of the "My Town" shoot out on Friday. Click on photo to enlarge.

The boat was built by Chesapeake Boat Builders in Crisfield. It was on its way to be tested before being captained from Crisfield to its new home in the Virgin Island. Around here we are used to sights like this. But I swear, I am going to stowaway in one their boats one day.

The Important Thing: Yes. It is almost Friday again. That means participating bloggers will be highlighting what they like about their towns.

The purpose of our Friday shoot outs? To show off what's cool about our towns using a weekly theme chosen by one of our bloggers. Not only do our weekly shoot outs give everyone a chance to stroll through other blogger's towns, it also gives perspective visitors ideas on what to do and see when they visit.

With vacation season coming up, someone might run upon our shoot out sites and pick a town to vacation in. Heck, someone might decided to go around and visit all of us, and rate us, and give us prizes, and free trips to visit other bloggers; and Oprah will invite us all on her show to meet each other. OK. So I carried away. But stranger things have happened.

This week's subject, courtesy of GingerV: Main Street.

Shoot mailboxes, people, flower boxes, traffic, red lights; storefronts, restaurants, whatever you like or find interesting about your town square or city block. I think GingerV meant the 4 corners of your main street, but some people don't have 4 corners, and some people don't have a Main Street.

The rules are, "No rules." I think we have all done great jobs improvising when needed.

A few of you jumped in last week at the last minute and some participants got lost.
Anyone who is planning on participating, please send me a quick post at this post and let everyone know who you are and where you are. We are all trying to come up with some way to acknowledge everyone.

Example: I am Patty in Crisfield, MD and my blog link is: http://crisfieldnews.blogspot.com.

You can give your screen name, your user name or whatever, but we need to know what town you are in.

Everyone is welcome to join out shoot outs. The more the merrier!

People like Si and Butler and Bagman are on vacation, so not sure if they will participate this week.

The number of people who participate seems to be growing, so it is important to get all of you listed, and it is important for everyone to take time to stroll around our newcomer's towns.

I am not sure who is picking next week's assignment. Do you know, Reggie Girl? We need to get it posted.

Second Thing: The boat photos are for Capt. Dave at Hooper's Island. He visited my blog today for the first time. He owns a boat built by Chesapeake Boat Builders in Crisfield. I took the above photo as a feature shot for my paper several months ago, so I guess it it safe to use it here. The below photo I took yesterday from the city dock.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Chesapeake Boat Builders does know how to make boats, don't they? True craftsmanship!

Here is a better shot of that boat on land. I took the photo in February. Anyone around the Baltimore Harbor will soon be able to see it.


Loida of the 2L3B's said...

I am Loida of 2L3Bs, and my bloglink is: http://2L3Bs.blogspot.com

Hope this works my dear Patty because I would really love to show you my home town for the last time. Thanks for this chance.

Your today's shoot out is really fun. I like the boat on the street. And when you stowaway with one of those, please try to dock in Mississauga Ontario by the end of this month. There's a chance that I could meet you there..

Have a nice and safe day ahead..

HalfCrazy said...

Ms. Patty, you're like the pioneer of this idea, if I'm not mistaken. You're like, our leader LOL.

I like the Oprah part. It is possible!

I think I've seen in some blogs about this widget link thing to help us link each other.

The last photo seems like a rusty boat. When I enlarged it, it looks awesome LOL. Great craftsmanship indeed, I like the design!

Butler and Bagman said...

Bagman and Butler will participate...only a couple of pictures, though. And what I want to know about the boat picture is why don't the police car, the car, and the truck pull over to the side and let the boat pass!

Anonymous said...

I just Love the water! I look forward to your pics of the boats.
Have a great day!
Easter Hugs,

Joanne said...

Wow, that vessel does look "fearless!" There's such an intrigue with boats like these, the sense of journey and purpose and oh, the open sea, that they evoke.

Patty said...

Loida: Thank you for letting everyone know you are joining the shoot outs. We are going to miss your wonderful China shoots when you move. But we will be looking forward to seeing a lot of Ontario. Barry, you will have some competition now.

Butler and Bagman: Good to know that even on vacation you are still working. But then are three of you. Give us a shot of Hilton Head wile you are there. Some people have never seen Hilton Head, and some people have only seen shiny brochures. What is your interpretation?

Here's mine: Lots of people, lots of traffic, too many golf courses, and somewhere in there is a beach.

Leave it to you to ask a question like that about the cars. I will have to come up with an appropriate answer.

HalfCrazy: Are you participating this week? I think you are.

Marilyn: We love the water, too. We have lived on or near the water for 30 years. Are you participating this week?

Joanne: I agree. When I saw it taking off, I thought about jumping into the water and swimming towards it. It was moving fast, though, and I figured my cameras would weigh my down before I reached it.

The Pink Bird House said...

Patty, if you stow away on a boat like that heading for the virgin Islands, give me a call first and i will gladly join you. Wow, that boat is just fantastic, and what a place to be heading out for. Ahh, I am groaning over here, wanting to go too! Always wanted to see the Virgin Islands. You do capture the most fantastic happenings in Crisfield on film!! As always, I am impressed over here and glad that i dropped in for a visit. Debby

J9 said...


I'm in for this week.
I'm J9, and I'm from Dublin, CA but since there is another my town shoot out participant from my same town (I know weird coincidence) I may actually shoot the town I grew up in. We'll see what I feel like.
My blog is at: http://j9stuff.blogspot.com/

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Girl, I don't care who picks next....... I guess should'nt it be the lovely Loida?? I think she came in pretty soon unless she's just really too busy packing right now.
Whatever everyone else thinks.........I'm totally game for anything.
I'm gonna shoot regardless (said in my best Hoss Cartwright imitation, lol).

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Patty said...

Reggie Girl: I just sent Loida an email about picking our next subject. Next in line, I think is Halfcrazy and J9.

J9: Shoot whatever you like. It would be interesting to see what two people in the same town come up with.

PBH: I will let you know when the next boat is ready to leave out. They are working on two now. They are big, but I think I will wait for the "Mother Boat." Then I will call all the bloggers and we all will stow away! LOL.

Kathy in CA said...

I'm Kathy, the other person in Dublin, CA. :) I'm going to have to get creative, since Dublin doesn't have a "main" street... I might head to a neighboring town and shoot their honest-to-God Main Street.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

My dearest PATTY and REGGIE GIRL,

Oh this is one of the best times I enjoy being talked about.. hehe..

Thanks for this chance my dearest Girls for letting me choose the subject for the next Friday Shoot Out. Here's what I choose:

May I suggest:


Any town cannot be completely beautiful and worthy to visit if that town cannot offer it's own native food, beer and a place to hang out.. right? So I'm choosing the photos of Bar, Restaurant, Entertainment and Recreational Area Shoot Out including the Food and Drinks it serves.

I hope you agree with this.. Please advise..

May the Lord always be with you especially this Lenten Season.