Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday "My Town" Shoot Out - Food! Watermen's Inn

Thanks to Loida in China for this week's assignment. Loida and her family will soon be departing their country to live and work in Ontario. We will miss your China photos, Loida, but look forward to your views of Ontario.

Before I start my food tour, next week's assignment is open. So pick any subject or mix and match, and show us what you have!

Reminder! Be sure to click on photos to enlarge.


"Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity." ~ Voltaire

I will start with some dishes that will make you really hungry, so go ahead and get some snack foods.

The following photos were taken at the annual crab cook off held at our local Baptist Church. It is held during Crab Derby week, so don't even ask about the derby decoration. You can click on our Chamber of Commerce site on the side bar and make plans for Crab Derby weekend, held every Labor Day.

Come and enjoy several fun-filled days, from this little gem of an cook-off event where you can taste the wares, to the crowning of our Little Miss and Mr. and Miss Crustacean. We offer up great music, a boat docking contest, crab races where your state actually has a crab racing (bet you didn't know that, did you?) and tons of other events that are a treat for the whole family.


A little fine eatin' at the Clam Bake held at Somers Cove Marina, one of the many events we have each year. Again, check the Chamber site for upcoming dates.


Now, I sure don't want to get myself in trouble here. We have a lot of great places to eat, and I did not get around to everyone. Time element, you know? I have eaten at every place in Crisfield many times, and I love them all. Besides some great "down home" cooking, we are the best when it comes to seafood. Our Smith Island cake(our state dessert) is a must-eat, but after you have had your fill of that, be sure and try the many homemade pastries that are available around town.

I will start with the Olde Crisfield Crab and Steak House, formally Side Street, and a known place all over the Eastern Shore when it comes to crab eating. It was just sold and will re-open Memorial Day weekend. The new owner is giving the place a complete makeover; the front will be enclosed in glass for extra dining, space, and comfort. There is an upstairs dining area, too. For those who like to breath in the bay air, you can walk over to the tiki bar shown to the right, and enjoy watching the boats coming and going from Somers Cove Marina (if you have a boat, and you get there early enough, you can tie up and jump off at the tiki bar). More great views can be found upstairs. I can't wait for opening day, and I will bring you a yummy photo report.

For old time's sake, here are a few photos from the past:


Someone mentioned watering holes. Be sure to check out "Racks" for some spirits and a few games of pool. Racks, adjoins Maho's, and they have a million dollar view of the marina. It is worth a trip just to go up there.

Racks on left, Maho's on right.


Maho's is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many of their pastries are homemade. I love them all, but the rice pudding is wonderful.


The Cove is directly across from Somers Cove Marina. I was there at an odd time, so I am posting their menu to make you hungry. Click to read.


And of course, there is Gordon's. The one place tourists should always visit before leaving (well, visit everyone, but the romantics must go there for a slice of history). And don't forget to try their coffee. They serve 500 cups a day! Sit a spell and talk with the locals.

What's that she's reading? I wonder who could have taken that great photo on the front page?


Watermen's, like just about everything in Crisfield, in within walking distance to the city dock. I am posting their menu, and highlighting their homemade pastries in photos. They have a nice bar and outdoor tables for enjoying a little sidewalk cafe experience. During the busy season, give a call for reservations.


Mi Pueblito Grill offers up a unique blend of Tex-Mex and Spanish South American Cuisine.


The Ice Cream Gallery is next to the city dock. People like to stroll the dock on warm summer afternoons with their ice cream cones or sundaes, or just sit on the little porch in back of the gallery. You can tie your boat up at the docking post and walk right in.


I think that is it for my little "food" tour. I know I left a few people out, but everyone will be highlighted on this blog in time. This is just a fun project for me, and it helps to introduce our great little town to the world.

I will leave you with a few photos to ponder.

Everyone has a great time in Crisfield! Plan on visiting us soon.

"Food is so primal, so essential a part of our lives, often the mere sharing of recipes with strangers turns them into good friends. That's why I love this community." ~ Jasmine Heiler

Works the same with photos of food, I guess.


The Pink Bird House said...

You ain't kiddin', that we would get hungry just by looking at the pictures. Can I fly over right this minute, and you can put at least a dozen of those dishes in front of me and i could make magic happen right before your eyes and have it all disappear!!! There is nothing better then Maryland crab! And those desserts, those are my favorites, oh yeah, I have a sweet tooth larger then all of Germany!! :-D Great photos. YUMMY. Debby

Missy said...

Oh I love seafood! I love crabs, oysters, squids and any shrimps! I wish I could visit Maryland now hahaha and try your crabs. I like the 3rd photo, a hat in the middle and crabs on the side. How much is the crab? I love the desserts but I'm on a diet now so I'll keep away from that for now :-) hahaha

Elaine Dale said...

Oh mmmmmmmyyyyyy, how cruel to temp me like this?! I work with an agency located at a hospital and I'm having cafeteria food for lunch.... That's an exception however as my better half normally sends me to work with a lunch he's prepared for me.

The photojournalist in you really shows in this post - it's awesome! Have a great weekend.

Elaine Dale said...

Thanks for the great tour! What would I start with, hmmmm? Just as important, what would I end with? Is that cheesecake with lime slices on top?! Yes please, I'll have some of that for dessert.

Anonymous said...

I'm drooling. Seriously. Now I know how my dogs feel when I eat in front of them.

Oh wow - does all that food look AWESOME!

I am going to do this assignment, I am just a hair late this week.

J9 said...

Love Racks motto! MMMMmmm rice pudding.... The oyster shucking looks cool, and of course the crabs look marvelous, but what do you as a vegetarian eat?

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Hard for me to decide which dish looks the yummiest right now!!!
Great spread and aren't these shoot-outs just the best way to see everyone's home town?
I love it!!

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Kim said...

All I can say is Y-U-M-M-Y!

gigi said...

I am so there! Looking at the calendar to find the perfect time? You do a wonderful job of showing off your city/town!!! There is something so awesome about the costal towns that just draw me to them. Beautiful pictures, everyone of them!

GingerV said...

So Patty let me ask you a question do you have places to eat crab in your town?
I tell you what though I love sea foods I really love the look of the deserts. all the restaurants here have about 5 desert all the same no matter what. yummy!!

Chef E said...

Good lord, now I am starving! RG forgot to tell us what next weeks shoot out is suppose to be...and we need to all link up together...

I say lets do favorite parking spots...

My food is on my TMI blog

Joanne said...

Oh my gosh, this is so the wrong time to board this train - 4:20. I am starving, and these pictures just about have me getting in my car and hightailing it to Crisfield! Beautiful photos, very appetite inspiring.

Si's blog said...

A great bunch of photos. You show us how it should be done. They make us hungry just looking at them.

Need to come up to Crisfield, expecially the crab place when it opens. Eagerly awaiting your review.

Gordon said...

What kind of flavoring do they put in those boards with the tootpicks sticking in them? Are they tough? LOL
It is good to know that all the romantics com to Gordon's. I didn't even know! I've been married to the same woman for forty two years! Maybe she has blinded me.
Thanks Patty. Your blog is top shelf!

GigiSxm said...

i went from 'mmmmmmmmm crab' to 'mmmmmmmmm dessert!' great post

Barry said...

Your photos blew me away Patty. And me just a day away from being able to eat again! Everything looks especially delicious!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Awesome photos! I gained 10 pounds drooling over them!
See you on the next shoot out!