Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Art of Living in Crisfield

The Crisfield city dock (click on all photos for viewing.)

I was thinking about fishing and big fish while wondering if I should get my scooter out, and ride down to the dock. But it was getting late, and a cold front was coming in, so I got out my Ipod and went for a stroll. Since I have oodles of songs from rock to Frank Sinatra to depression-era songs like "Brother can you Spare a Dime?", and since my Ipod is set to random, I never know what is coming on next.

As luck would have it, this is the song, by Dar Williams, that was playing.

"Let's go fishing in the morning
Just like we've always gone
You can come inside and wake me up
We'll pack and leave by dawn,
We will pack and leave by dawn.

And you'll say I hear something
and I'll say never you mind.
It's just our two poles knocking in the back seat
and your truck is running fine today
and everything is fine.

And your truck will climb up slowly
and we'll see how far we've gone
and the hills will stretch before us
they are rolling on and on,
they are rolling on and on.

And the fish will watch our boat
with envy and with fear
because we will live forever
and our days are slow and dear,
and our days are slow and dear.

We'll go fishing in the morning
Even though we've never gone
We're two fishing poles in the backseat
we're the rolling on and on,
we're the rolling on and on."

Well, after my fishing post (see below post), I just had to run home and post more photos. I converted them to b/w for a more nostalgic look.

All Ya'all are welcome to share this beautiful town of ours. That includes fishing, boating, or just sitting on the dock of the bay with your Ipod and soaking up the beauty that is Crisfield!

It's vacation time! If you are up for a little fishing, grab your poles, throw 'em the back seat, and head our way.

If you are up for just kicking back, there is plenty of "kicking back" to be done around here.

A very serious young man.

Late afternoon on the bay.

Do you think they would know if they caught any fish? Well, that means more for me.

A little "fish humor" after a hard day's work.

We're creative around here.

I could do this all day!

OK. I cheated here. This is the ocean side, about 45 minutes away. Once you have caught all our fish and eaten your fill of crabs and Smith Island cake, we will let you leave for the ocean side. But, would you really want to go?

Yawn. Looking at all those photos just tires me out. I think I will listen to more Dar Williams and take a nap.

Ah, the good life.


HalfCrazy said...

I set my iPod on random too, it's cooler to listen that way! besides, I don't know some of the songs in my iPod LOL.

I like the black and white effect. Much more detailed and like you said, nostalgic!

I like the couples kissing photo LOL.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

My derest friend Patty,
Such a nice message from that beautiful song. Fishing can also be considered as one way of learning how to gain patience. I presume this is the best therapy for people who are impulsive. Through fishing, they could gain one of the most remarkable wisdom and that is patience.

I always long to send you a comment but I cannot send to all the blog site with "Post A Comment Button". Everytime you make a post, I can only send when I'm in my Hong Kong office, but I cannot comment when I'm at home and when I'm at China office. Maybe there's something wrong with my china internet connection. Even my twitter sometimes cannot open.

Anyway, always remember that I always read all your posts.

Elizabeth said...

Such wonderful photos and very refreshing in black and white.

lifeisfun said...

Hey Patti,
I really enjoy your blogg
u are such a neat person
here kitty kitty kitty

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

I love these photos. My fav is the couple kissing. Romantic fishing...who knew?

Maggie May said...

My sons love fishing, and luckily they have their dad cuz I can't bear it!

Missy said...

I like the black and white effect photos and I haven't tried that yet. I'm not good at fishing neither my husband but we'll try to catch some while here in Japan :-) Aside from the kissing scene on the boat I like the big fish's mouth hahaha

The Pink Bird House said...

Patty, the pictures are great in black and white!! It makes you look at the details more. I love the little boy, he so reminds me of my son at that age, so long ago now, when he would go fishing with his Grandpa! I used to love seeing him stick to his Grandpa like glue when ever we came home for a visit. Anyway, gal, you are just too funny, coming back to my blog for a another peak at those mountains! Some day I hope to see Mt. Teide for myself, and then I can blog about it all over again with some new pics. :-) Take care, Debby

Patty said...

Missy: Please do join us in our town shoot out. Everyone is welcome. I have not used the scheduling tool, but everyone says it works well. I may try it this week.

Loida: I will email you. Yes. You must have patience to catch fish.

PBH: Yes. I love those mountains. It is nice to be able to choose what you look rather than have the news do it for you. I had much rather look at those beautiful mountains two or three times than listen to someone on TV tell me about an accident or a robbery. We can never have too much beauty in our lives.

Maggie May: I think all boys love fishing. Many girls, too. It is a good past time, and you can't get into trouble. More kids should do it.

Cheri: They are a cute kissing couple. I took that photo last year from our boat while we were fishing in the bay.

lifeisfun: Thanks for stopping by, friend. I wondered who had written, "Kitty, kitty." But really, you have not updated your blog since 2007. Get busy, girl!

Elizabeth: Thanks for your nice comment. I love black and white. We would love to see New York join us in our "My Town" shoot outs.

HalfCrazy: Thanks. I thought the b/w was a nice touch. To make it more nostalgic, I thought about printing the photos and putting a crease in them or tearing the corner off of one or two and photographing them, but that was too much trouble. I could have done it all in Adobe, but that was too much trouble, too.

Butler and Bagman said...

Hooray for black and white photography. Not that I do it much. Hooray for fishing. Hooray for kissing on a boat.

Michelle said...

Love all the black and white shots. I also love how in the first shot the arrow in the sign in pointing the same direction and the fishing action. Very cool.

Patty said...

Michelle: Glad you noticed that. Black and white photos are my favorite. Don't get to do b/w for newspapers any more. They may turn them into b/w, but photographers have to shoot in color.

Butler and Bagman: I'll take that last comment as coming from Bagman.

Capt. Dave said...

Crisfield is a beautiful little town. I enjoy going down there from time to time. I had my boat built down there. Some pretty photos.

Patty said...

Hey Capt. Dave: That is one mighty fine boat you have there (they do know how to build 'em around here).

Guess you catch some pretty good fish up your way. We will look you up next time we are in the area. That lighthouse trip sounds like fun.

How is your crabbing season going?

Capt. Dave said...

Our boat was built by Chesapeake Boats. Our season starts April 18. We're hoping for the best. As far as the crabbing goes, everyone's upset. The biggest thing right now is that the crab houses can't get visas for their immigrant workers. If they shut down due to that, you know where that leaves the watermen, on top of all of the new regulations that have been passed. Doesn't bode well for anyone.

I like your blog. Keep up the good work!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I love the little boy :) How cute is he????
He reminds me of make kiddo when he was little. He loved to fish when he was a boy and still does any chance he gets.
I sent the names of several more people who told me that they are going to begin participating in Friday Shoot-Out's to Gordon to list. I think it's awesome that he offered. Neither you nor I have time to list everyone and it grows weekly :)
Of course, it will take a little time for us to be clued into who all is going to participate. And then.......about the time we think we have it all, there will be more!!!
Isn't that so cool and exciting girl? I will be at my computer all morning Friday just looking.
I can't wait can you??????
Cheers to you my dear, Huey and the Crisfield Critter Gang and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Patty said...

Reggie Girl: You are so right. Our Friday shoot outs are getting pretty popular. Where, on where,is Oprah? I hear she has been secretly looking at our blogs. Who knows? She may show up in your town one day, or our town, or Si's town, or pop in on Barry in Canada.

I do look forward to the weekends when I can relax and take a free trip around the world. I try to get to everyone's site on Friday, but I like to go back over the weekend and re-visit, and enjoy.

This is so much nicer than all those shiny travel brochures that towns and cities hand out. And we know a lot more about our towns than any old travel agent knows.

I was happy to get to visit Hawaii. They came on board last week, as did someone else (but I did not catch the town name).

All Ya'll need to give us your town name.

Cheers back at you, and to everyone who is helping to make all our towns and cities the special places they are.

Patty said...

Capt. Dave: More bad news for the crabbers, eh?

Until we moved here my heroes were our service men and women, our law officers, our EMS and firemen, and our teachers. Since living in a water town, I have added waterman to my list of heroes. People just don't know what they go through. They are an amazing bunch of people.

Chesapeake Boat Builders. I have taken photos of several of their boats. They are pretty amazing, too. Every time I go by there, I smile and dream about stowing away on one. Gosh, they make some fantastic boats!

I feel lucky to be living in a town where people still value craftsmanship and hard work.

Oz Girl said...

You truly do live a good life, in a wonderful little town that to me, symbolizes small town America in the most beautiful way. I love all the pics in b&w, which is my favorite medium anyway. :-) In my next life, I want to live in Crisfield!!

Anonymous said...

Crisfield - the fisherman's paradise.

Tim said...

Patty, What is Crisfield really like for young families? Seriously looking to move there soon. Been there many times and enjoyed it. Wife grew up in Berlin MD, daughter born in St. Michael´s, we were there for a year then moved to Costa Rica. Been gone six years doing international development and grow coffee on our farm here. Have masters degree and we like outdoors, boating and artsy type people. We do not need local job to make money. Your profile, and pink caddie, made me think there maybe some people we could relate to there. Are there others like you there? Can also email me at Thanks so much